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                                  • i want to get the value of cell index 6 in the selected row


                                • wesa 08.14.2012

                                  i cant find a way to get the row index on click

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                                Hi Wesam,

                                Thank you for sharing your results. Yes, the GetCellValue method is the best way to obtain the actual value of a particular cell. Please note that TableView also has the FocusedColumn property that can help you determine a currently focused column. Feel free to post new comments if you need additional information.


                                is there no other way to get the selected cell value?

                                • wesa 08.14.2012

                                  Public Sub GridControl1_Cellclick(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As RoutedEventArgs) Handles GridControl1.MouseDoubleClick
                                        MsgBox(GridControl1.GetCellValue(GridControl1.GetRowVisibleIndexByHandle(GridControl1.View.FocusedRowData.RowHandle.Value), "MyCol").ToString)
                                      End Sub

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