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                                  • ´╗┐Hello,

                                    I have a similar case like in this topic,

                                    but I want to do this with the popupcontrol so a user would be able to edit or add rows with the popup that would open although delete functionality would be outside of this.

                                    So to better explain my example I have and Edit form which has some text boxes some text areas and a grid, so this grid is another viewmodel that is actually a list property in the main model and what I want to do is that client can add and edit and delete rows.

                                    And when I save this form in the post I want to receive the main view model which has an edited list of the sub model which is was in the grid.

                                    So I have 2 issue right now:

                                    1st one was that when rendering grid partial i had a for loop there that renders hidden inputs with correct names so that model binder can bind it to the posted back main model and i found out that when I render the grid partial firstly the div that has the hidden input collection renders outside of table that is ok, but when the callbacks start to happen the div with the collection starts to render the hidden fields inside of the grids table element. So i have some duplicated hidden fields now,(If you want I can give you an example how to duplicate that)

                                    2nd one is that I haven't found any client side or server side methods that actually adds a new row with predefined values or to edit one. Maybe I haven't looked well enough.

                                    I would very much appreciate some help here.

                                    I thank you in advance,


                                • Peter Klofutar 07.19.2012

                                  I just stumbled upon the SettingsEditing.Mode for PopUp what I need now is just how to handle with the 1st part.

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                                Hello Peter,

                                Please use recommendations from the following sources to accomplish this task:

                                Grid View - Editing
                                GridView - How to add an item to a databound ComboBox in a grid EditForm

                                • Peter Klofutar 07.19.2012

                                  Hi Marion,

                                  I have done it according to the recommendations, but my issue was that I didn't want to save it on the spot so I used Session[] object in the controller actions.
                                  Thank you for the reply though.

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