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                                  • VCL v2012 vol 1.1 beta includes "Blazing-Fast Data Binding Mode for Large Datasets" for ExpressQuantumGrid.

                                    In the what's new is says: This version currently provides server mode support for MS SQL Server databases only. With subsequent releases, we shall add support for other popular databases.

                                    What are the requirments to allow adding support for other databases, such as Advantage Database Server.

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                                I'd like to see support for Advantage Database Server also. Thanks.

                                Matthias Schlegel

                                • Paulo (DevExpress Support) 10.04.2012

                                  Thank you for your feedback. According to plan, this feature will be implemented in VCL 12.2 that is coming soon.

                                • Creed Lilly 10.05.2012

                                  Thanks for the update Paulo. That's good to hear.

                                • keith C. 12.18.2012

                                  I need instructions on connecting up the proper server mode component to my advantage database. Which components are used together in what order? I have v12.2.2 of devexpress and the latest advantage components in XE2. Do I use the ADO or DBX component? How do they hook into Advantage? thanks

                                • Paulo (DevExpress Support) 12.19.2012

                                  There are no special instructions except those described in the "Server Mode" and "Connecting to Data in Server Mode" help topics. I suggest you use the TADOConnection and TdxServerModeADODataSource components to connect to the Advantage server.

                                Thank you for your feedback and sharing your ideas with us. I will show this message to our developers. With the recent v2012 vol 1.2 RC version we have added support for Firebird, InterBase, and MySQL databases, but the Advantage database is not supported for now. With the coming full major release we are going to support Oracle databases. With subsequent releases we shall consider the possibility of supporting other databases (including the Advantage database as it is very popular).

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                                • Mike F 07.04.2012

                                  I'd like to see support for Advantage Database Server also. Thanks.

                                • Paulo (DevExpress Support) 07.04.2012

                                  Hello Mike,
                                  Thank you for your feedback. As I mentioned previously, we will consider this idea shortly.

                                • Yusuf Zorlu | MicrotronX 07.13.2012

                                  We also need support for Advantage Database Server

                                • STEFANO MONTERISI 09.14.2012

                                  Hi, we use the fantastic Anydac layer (that have a lot of databases connections plus memory DB plus) and Dbisam/EDB.
                                  Anydac support can permits us to use (Firebird, MSQL, ORACLE, etc. etc...) without change applications...
                                  I hope that server mode is expanded also for DBlookups and other DB Editors.

                                • Yusuf Zorlu | MicrotronX 09.17.2012

                                  Hi Stefano, how good is the performance with Anydac layer compared with native ADS drivers?

                                • Frank Monien 10.04.2012

                                  a support for Advantage Database Server would be wonderful :-)

                                • Sanjay Kanade 11.20.2012

                                  I would also like a support for AnyDac, especially SQLIte.

                                • Paulo (DevExpress Support) 11.21.2012

                                  Hello Sanjay,
                                  At present we have no plans to implement AnyDac support. I suggest you refer to the UniDAC in Server Mode Knowledge Base article to get more information on the approach that can help you link third-party DataBase components to our ServerMode DataSource.