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                                  • Hello,

                                    The DXperience installer no longer allows me to specify what components I want to install. See the screenshot - all I can choose is whether to install all products or just the registered products.

                                    I want to save my precious disk space. All I want to install are most of the WinForms and WPF controls. I don't want to install any of the ASP.NET or Silverlight controls. I also don't want XtraCharts or XtraReports.

                                    Please restore the functionality in the installer and allow me to select the platforms and products that I wish to install.


                                    - Andrew

                                • Mike F 06.12.2012

                                  Asking DevEx * again * - What is the reasoning for this decision? I find it hard to understand why any customer would have asked for this "improvement" to the installation process.

                                • Mike F 06.12.2012

                                  Andy, you're not the only one wondering about this...

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                                Hi Andy,
                                Thank you very much for the comments. Your opinions and feedback are very important to us. Our intent was to simplify the installation process based on the previous customer feedback. We will definitely revisit the discussion about this. Andy, may I please pick you brain a little bit. In the previous installation we installed all our assemblies anyway. Now, in addition, we install demos and items in the toolbox. VS.Net will register ASP.Net/WPF components after you open ASP.Net/WPF designer. These components however will not be accessible from toolbox until you create an application for the corresponding platform. Having ASP.Net/WPF demos on your hard drive (20-40M) should not be an issue I think. I believe that there are some specific issues that force you to avoid installing our ASP.NET products. I would appreciate it a lot if you explain your concerns in all possible details.