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                                  • Hi All

                                    I try format currency inside XtraReport by string.format but do not ok. Why not? This is my code

                                    string sotien = string.Format(" {0:0,0}",GetCurrentColumnValue("SoTien").ToString()).Replace(",",".");

                                    xrLabel_NumSoTien.Text = sotien;

                                    Then, I try code as

                                    xrLabel_NumSoTien.DataBindings.Add("Text", DataSource, "SoTien").FormatString="{0:0,0}";

                                    ==> it ok, but I want replace a comma to a dot. How can I do it? Please guide for me. Thanks so much


                                Hi Nguyen,

                                Thank you for contacting us. Please refer to the Formatting numeric values as Currency for an XrLabel thread, where a similar problem has been discussed. Let us know whether or not this information helps you.


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