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                                  • Hello
                                    I have a question to a problem with the report.

                                    In this report i have two groupHeaders, detail-data and two groupFooter-areas. The user have the option to start the report with or without detail-data. My problem is, if i start the report without the detail-data. I suppress in some "BeforePrint"-events the print-process -
                                    a) for the detail-area
                                    b) for the xrTable - is the header for the detail-area.
                                    This works fine, but i can't delete the empty space from the xrTableHeader (for the detail) - see the attached image.

                                    I have tried some different solutions (found in this support-forum)
                                    1) i set all table-cells from the xrTableHeader to "canShrink" = true
                                    2) i set for all table-cells the BeforePrint-event, and do also a "e.Cancel=true"
                                    3) i try to change the GroupHeader.HeightF
                                    4) i set in the xrTable-BeforePrint - event the "e.Cancel =true"

                                    But nothing of this steps are working 100-% fine - it works do hide the detail-data, and the xrTableHeader.............but the there is always the empty place in the report from the xrTableHeader.

                                    Please have you an other clue for my problem ???
                                    I give to you in a second post the report-source.

                                    Many thanks in advance for your help & best regards


                                Here is the source from the report.



                                Hi Michael,

                                Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay. To suppress an entire table row, it is required to set the e.Cancel property to True via the BeforePrint event handler of the corresponding XRTableRow object. In addition, make sure that all table cells have their CanShrink property set to True (see relative position of controls). Please update your report layout accordingly and let me know if you need any further assistance.


                                Hello Alex

                                thanks for your reply!!
                                I did not know that with the "tableRow" - I've tried it in the Table_BeforePrint, the TableCell_BeforePrint and the GroupHeader_BeforePrint.....

                                Your answer was very helpful for me - many thanks!
                                Best regards



                                Thank you for your response. Should you need any further clarification, feel free to update this ticket. I will be glad to help you.



                                thanks for your support!!

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