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                                  • Hi there,
                                    I have a similar problem like described in .
                                    I'd like to save the layout of the ASPxDockManager as callback in the database (and not as cookie or server-side). So I added a ASPxCallbackPanel and perform a callback everytime a dockpanel is moved or closed:
                                    <ClientSideEvents AfterDock="function(s, e) { cbpSaveLayout.PerformCallback(); }" PanelCloseUp="function(s, e) { cbpSaveLayout.PerformCallback(); }" />
                                    But now I need to get the string from the dockmanager, that is usually provided by the serverside ClientLayout-event to store it in the database.
                                    For example:
                                    Is there a clientside-method in the ASPxDockmanager to get that layoutstring or can you provide an other solution?
                                    Thanks in advance,

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                                Hello Thorsten,
                                Thank you for contacting us.
                                There is not any method to get the ASPxDocking client layout. You can get necessary data only in the ASPxDockManager.ClientLayout event handler. When the e.LayoutMode property value is Saving, and the e.LayoutData property contains the layout data. You can save it in a database.
                                If you wish to save the layout only when the ASPxCallbackPanel callback is processed, I recommend you set a flag in the ASPxComboBox.Callback event handler. You need to save data in the ClientLayout event handler only if the flag is set.
                                Let us know whether or not it meets your requirements.
                                Best regards,

                                • Thorsten Liborius 11.11.2011

                                  Hello Vladimir,
                                  thanks for your response.
                                  I tried it again and after the callback the ASPxDockManager.ClientLayout event got called. Strange, yesterday it didn't work..? ;)
                                  So I've just added a flag that gets set in the callback eventhandler like you proposed and it works like a charm.

                                • Vladimir Frizen (DevExpress) 11.14.2011

                                  Hello Thorsten,
                                  I am glad to hear that our suggestion has helped you solve this issue.
                                  If you encounter any difficulty using our components, you are welcome to contact us at any time.
                                  Best regards,