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                                  • We try to use standard XAF validation system. Is it possible to show fields in GUI related with properties with validation attributes (for example [RuleRequieredProperty]) in different style - another font, color, with image or some special symbol like asterisk? How to realize it?

                                Hello Markus,

                                The easiest way to accomplish this task is to use the Conditional Appearance module. If you do not wish to create appearance attributes for rules manually, you can add them in code via the CustomizeTypesInfo method.
                                Alternatively, you can customize controls' style directly, as it is shown in the following Support Center issues:
                                Highlight required field in detailview
                                Mandatory fields

                                We also have a corresponding suggestion: Validation - Introduce an immediate visualization for properties, which are marked with the RuleRequiredValue attribute (BackgroundColor, Border or Icon).


                                Thanks for helpful response. It helps me a lot.

                                You are welcome!