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                                  • I do not see how to use the client side events of the ComboBox, or where they are exposed.

                                    For example, with the DX MVC Extensions Menu, the client side events are exposed through the settings object. For example, this is how you could handle the client-side events:

                                    settings.ClientSideEvents.Init = "function(s, e) { DXEventMonitor.Trace(s, e, 'Init'); }";
                                    settings.ClientSideEvents.ItemClick = "function(s, e) { DXEventMonitor.Trace(s, e, 'ItemClick'); }";

                                    How would you do the same with ComboBox? All I see is the ComboBoxSettings.ClientEnabled property.

                                • (no info) 12.20.2012

                                  Nevermind, I figured this out:

                                  settings.Properties.EnableClientSideAPI = true;
                                                              = "onComboBoxSelectedIndexChanged";

                                  You may close this issue.

                                • (no info) 12.20.2012

                                  Wait, don't close this issue yet.

                                  I would like to know how to determine the ComboBox currently selected index or current value from JavaScript when the ComboBoxSettings.Properties.ClientSideEvents.SelectedIndexChanged or ComboBoxSettings.Properties.ClientSideEvents.ValueChanged occurs.

                                  For example, here is my ComboBoxSettings object:

                                   settings.Properties.EnableClientSideAPI = true;
                                                              = "onComboBoxSelectedIndexChanged";
                                                              = "onComboBoxValueChanged";

                                  And here is my client-side JavaScript:

                                     var onComboBoxSelectedIndexChanged = function (s, e) {

                                      var onComboBoxValueChanged = function (s, e) {

                                  When either of the two event handlers run, the argument e does not give any indication what the currently selected value or index is. Also, it's not clear on the s (sender) argument where to find these properties.

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                                Hi Trevor,

                                Thank you for contacting us. As MVCxComboBox uses the ASPxComboBox rendering, I suggest that you refer to the ASPxClientComboBox Members to learn which client-side methods you can use. For example:

                                function onComboBoxSelectedIndexChanged(s, e) { alert(s.GetValue()); }

                                In addition, take a moment to look at the following topic that describes how to operate client-side DevExpress objects:

                                Client-Side Functionality


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