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                                  • I test performance of aspxgridvew , in my aspx page, I put a aspxgridview, include 80 fields. 30 fields editform used combobox.
                                    every combobox need a sqldatasource,so when i click "edit" button, after 20 seconds,page is rendered,even set sqldatasource property of enableCaching, Performance is still bad,
                                    any suggestion for me .thanks in advance.

                                    I found firefox is fast than IE,why?


                                Hello Isabel:

                                Our ASP.NET controls are table-based. A grid, that has 80 fields and many rows, is rendered as a large html table, and this process may be slow under IE (this is the browser-specific problem).
                                A possible workaround for this issue is to hide unnecessary columns and enable the Customization Window to manage them.
                                Also, if you need to filter this grid, please do not use the Filter Row, since rendering of many dropdowns is also very slow. Use the built-in Filter Control instead.



                                I think ,what I said is not clear.
                                in my aspx page, aspxgridview only display 8 fields, so loading page is fast,but editform include 80 fields,when I click "edit" button, after 20 seconds, page is rendered.
                                is it clear?


                                Hi Isabel,

                                Yes, it is clear. Please try to go trough all your columns and set the Native Property of all TextBoxProperties, MemoEditProperties and ComboBoxProperties to true. This should significantly speedup the performance. If this does not help, please post here a sample project so that we can profile the application ourselves.



                                Hi Plato and Kate
                                I do it follow your advice, it runs much faster than before.

                                now I want Improve performance again.
                                 I think it 's a good way that use AspxPagecontrol, If I take 80 fields on 3 tabpage, for example

                                tabpage 1 :30 fields.
                                tabpage 2 :30 fields.
                                tabpage 3 :20 fields.

                                and set property of "load on demand", when I load page,only load 30 fields ,it will improve permance ,
                                I do it ,but little effect .
                                is it a good way to improve performance?

                                I can't find property of "load on demand".

                                thanks ahead.


                                Hello Isabel,

                                Please accept our apologies for the delay in responding. It is possible to force the ASPxPageControl to load TabPages' content on demand by setting the ASPxPageControl.EnableCallBacks property to "true". In this instance, the contents of non-active pages are not represented on the client. When a page is activated for the first time, its content is retrieved from the server and then cached on the client. Please refer to the Remarks section of the ASPxPageControl.EnableCallBacks Property topic in our documentation to learn more about the ASPxPageControl's works mode, and the ASPxTabControl - Callbacks (AJAX) Online Demo illustrating this feature in action.

                                By the way, I have reviewed this conversation, and suggest that you implement another hint that can improve the GridViewDataComboBoxColumn / ASPxComboBox editor performance:
                                To force the GridViewDataComboBoxColumn's editor (ASPxComboBox) to load Items on demand via callbacks (for instance, list items that are not currently displayed within the editor's dropdown window, can be dynamically loaded, when an end-user scrolls the list), set the GridViewDataComboBoxColumn.PropertiesComboBox.EnableCallbackMode property to "true" and specify the GridViewDataComboBoxColumn.PropertiesComboBox.CallbackPageSize value (10 Items per page, for example, to reduce the number of Items retrieved from the server per "page").

                                Please refer to the On-Demand Item Loading (Callback Mode) topic in our documentation to learn more about this feature, and the ASPxComboBox - Callback Mode Online Demo illustrating this feature in action.

                                If you need any further assistance on this subject, please feel free to reactivate this ticket.



                                thanks ,I'll try it in your advice. I'll strongly recommend devexpress componenet to our company.
                                thanks again.


                                Thank you for your response, Isabel. Please feel free to contact us at any time.


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