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                                  • Dear Support,

                                    i have some issue when using the xtrareport to print to a receipt printer that use Generic/Text Only driver.

                                    the printer model is PRP-088III, if u look at the photo.jpg attach, you can notice all the word is running away, and also the image such as logo is not printed as well, so as the line.

                                    can let me know, how to print correctly what i see on the preview into the printer using Generic/Text Only Driver?

                                    the correct print out is the pdf file which is the correct receipt print out.

                                    thanks and regards


                                Hi Beh,

                                Thank you for providing the screen shot.

                                I am afraid I cannot find an appropriate solution to your problem without additional information. Could you please check this issue using attached project? This project uses standard .NET methods to print the document. This will allow us to localize the cause of problem.



                                Dear Support,

                                thanks for your support and the sample project, in fact, i have tested before using the drawstring to print the document and it works.

                                the same issue happen to this forum thread as well

                                did the xtrareport compatible with the Generic/Text Only Driver?



                                Hi Beh,

                                Thank you for your feedback. I am afraid the current behavior is by design. As we can see, your report contains some graphical information, e.g. an image, a bar code and horizontal lines. The Generic/Text Only driver can be used only for printing a plain text, so the document layout gets broken.

                                Unfortunately, we have not yet found an easy way to print XtraReports in text mode (due to .NET printing mechanism specifics). At present, they are printed in the graphical form (i.e. even characters are printed as images). We will try to address this problem in the context of the Printing - Support for dot matrix printer and printer fonts (text output) suggestion. Meantime, you can use a workaround from the How to print a report in dot matrix printer example, i.e. export a report to the text format and send the result to the printer driver. This way, it will be printed in text mode and special commands should be properly recognized by the driver. Hopefully, this will help you.


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