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                                  • Hi,

                                    I have a pivot grid and inside the data area i have 3 columns,
                                    Column 1: Total Quantity
                                    Column 2: Recycled Quantity
                                    Column 3 : Percentage (calculated by the formula (recycled*100)/total)

                                    It show me all the fields, but if i pull the total/recycled quantity from the dataarea, it shows the percentage as 0.

                                    Is there a way to retain the percentage calculation even after the column has been pulled out from the dataager into the filter are or in another possible scenario, is there a way that i can hide column 1/ column 2 / both and just show the percentage


                                • Hello Varun,

                                  I am afraid your goal is not quite clear to me. Could you please clarify why it is necessary to move a Data Field to another area? As for your second question you can hide the first two fields and still show a Percentage if the pivot's PivotGridOptionsData.DataFieldUnboundExpressionMode property is set to UseSummaryValues.


                                • varun arora 05.03.2011

                                  The scenario is like if we drag one of the column fields say, "No Of Senior Management" to the filter area, then the data for the percentage field will not be shown since we have drag the "No Of Senior Management" to the filter area, the percentage column will contain blank values as the other column from which we were calculating the values is being moved to the filter area.
                                  refer img1 and img2 for help.

                                • varun arora 05.03.2011

                                  forgot to attach img1.. here it is

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                                Hello Varun,

                                Thank you for your clarification. This behavior is by design. An unbound expression can be calculated only by fields placed in the Data Area. The Filter Area is meant for providing the filtering capability. If you want to hide Data Field, it is necessary to use the Customization Form. We have already discussed this issue in the Unbound expression errors related to hidden fields thread, please refer to it for additional information.


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