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                                You should refresh the page.
                                  • In our development environment when we click "insert image" the dialog loads almost instantly but in our production environment we are experiencing random slow downs when it takes up to 4-5 minuites to show up the dialog for the first time in one page load. If I close the dialog and click it again, it remains loaded in the background and shows instantly. I have already checked Q104167 but that didn't help because the files mentioned were already there.

                                Hello Damir,

                                Thank you for your question. In terms of performance, we recommend that you use built-in forms, because they are already compiled. To do this, you should remove the SettingsForms tag and files created by the ASPxHtmlEditor.
                                The question you are referring to is quite outdated, and if you are using v2010 vol 2.5, you do not need the solution described in the report.

                                Is it possible for you to share your sample with me, so I can test such delays on our side? It would be helpful for us if you also provide us with a direct link to a problematic web page, so we can profile your page?
                                If you are concerned by the privacy, I can make this thread private.