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                                  • Why File Manager control handles selectedfile events only in client side? In this way how can I pass selectfile name to server?

                                • Mike (DevExpress Support) 12.16.2010

                                  Hello Gianluca,
                                  Currently, the ASPxFileManager does not provide the required server-side event for this purpose. We have a corresponding suggestion to improve this functionality: ASPxFileManager - Implement a kind of a server-side FileClick event.
                                  As a workaround, I suggest that you implement the following scenario:

                                  1. Add the ASPxButton control onto the page and hide it by setting the ClientVisible property to "false";
                                  2. Handle the required client side event of the ASPxFileManager control and simulate the ASPxButton's click via the ASPxClientButton.DoClick method;
                                  3. Handle the ASPxButton's server-side Click event and get the selected file's name via the ASPxFileManager.SelectedFile property.

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