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                                  • Please see the attached picture about what I mean. This only happens when exporting a boolean value. I have tried setting the PrintCellStyle and it still happens.


                                I have also tried using a PrintCellStyle for one of my other columns and am getting the same effect. How can I stop this.

                                <Style x:Key="ColumnPrintCellStyle"
                                               BasedOn="{StaticResource CustomPrintCellStyle}"
                                            <Setter Property="Template">
                                                        <Border x:Name="PART_Editor">
                                                            <TextBlock dxp:TextExportSettings.TextValue="{Binding Value[0].Percent}"



                                Thank you for the screenshot and for providing the sample code.

                                I have looked at the screenshot, but I am afraid I do not quite understand the problem you ran into. To help us better understand the situation, can you please post here additional screenshots, illustrating how the data is displayed in the grid and how it is exported? If you can also provide us with a project, where the problem is reproduced, that would be appreciated.



                                Try running the sample code I sent you and clicking on the export button. You will notice that the 'Boolean' column is exported to excel but uses three rows and three columns to represent itself in excel. If you remove the 'Boolean' column everything is fine.

                                I have attempted to fix this by using a PrintCellStyle but have been unable to do so. I also want the column to show True/False rather than some strange check box in excel.



                                Thank you for the sample. Please assign the Boolean column EditSettings directly, this fixes the issue:

                                <dxg:GridColumn x:Name="Boolean"
                                        <dxe:CheckEditSettings HorizontalContentAlignment="Center"/>

                                Also, I have created a separate bug report: Exporting Boolean values causes three merged rows to appear for each data row

                                Thank you, Marina


                                I am using 2009. I just tried adding your code snippet to the xaml and it does not solve the problem. Can this be solved somehow by using a combo box. Can you please show how.


                                I tested this code snippet under v9.3.5 version. You sample works fine for me with using the EditSettings property. Please review the modified sample. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

                                Thank you, Marina

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