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                                    For example, I'm using DXperience v2016 vol 1.5 and I want to update to a new version. On the DevExpress website, I found 2 new versions:
                                    v2016 vol 1.7 / 10-Sep-2016
                                    v2015 vol 2.13 / 13-Sep-2016.
                                    What's version I should update to? How do I understand what "v2016 vol 1.7" is?

                                    There are different approaches to versioning DevExpress products such as:
                                    v2016 vol 2.5 (v16.2.5)
                                    v2015 vol 2 (v15.2)
                                    v14.2.10 (v2014 vol 2.10)
                                    DevExpress releases two major versions a year - vol 1 and vol 2. Vol 1 specifies the first major release that ships at the end of the first half of a year; vol 2 usually ships at the end of the second half of a year. A major version might be specified in the "vol X" field or as the second number of the version text (e.g., in "v2016.1", 1 here indicates the first major release).
                                    The v2016 and v15 parts specify the release year: 2016 and 2015 correspondingly. The third number specifies the minor update version. For instance, this is how to read the mentioned versions:
                                    v2016 vol 2.7 - the second major release of 2016, the 7th minor update.
                                    v15.1.7 - the first major release of 2015, the 7th minor update.
                                    The latest build is the build with the highest version, but not with the newest release date. DevExpress supports and updates the latest version and the previous major one. The release date of the previous major release update may be newer than the release date of the latest version. Please do not be confused.
                                    Please visit our Version Info Page to learn about the most recent versions of DevExpress products and obtain instructions for updating. In addition, see the following ticket - Can DevExpress products co-exist and be used on a single machine or project? to learn more about the DXperience version's compatibility with others.

                                • Amnon Vias 04.08.2013


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