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                                  • Hello,

                                    Currently I am using a 'RepositoryItemTextEdit' for one of the columns in GridControl (GridView). I want to select(highlight) only text from 0 to n and NOT all the characters for the string.

                                    I am aware that we can do this for 'TextEdit' by using select(0,n) method. Also, I am aware that for GridControl we can use 'currentView.ActiveEditor.SelectAll()' to select the whole text. I understand that for 'BaseEdit' we cannot have the Select(0,n) method since BaseEdit can be anything PictureEdit, TextEdit, ImageEdit etc.

                                    Kindly, suggest a way to accomplish this or correct me If I am wrong.



                                Hi Jennie,

                                Thank you for contacting us.
                                Do you want to highlight charters only in the active editor or in all cells?
                                In the first case, your approach is correct. You need to cast the ActiveEditor to the TextEdit and call its Select method.
                                If you need to highlight text in all cells, you cannot use editor's methods, because an inplace editor exists only in the focused cell. Other cells are painted directly on the GridControl. In this scenario, you need to use the Custom Draw capabilities.

                                Does this information help?

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                                Thanks for the response. It works fine now. I was missing the Casting to "TextEdit" part and then use Select(0,n) method.



                                You're welcome, Jennie :)


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