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                                  • Hi DevExpress support team!

                                    We want to know if it's possible to do what I'm showing in the attached image: to change a specific Page Header caption fore color, bold style, etc. in a Ribbon control?

                                    This is our situation: Every ribbon page holds it's own group of forms, when you select another page, the forms related to that page are hidden and a new group of forms related to the new selected page are shown. We want to mark the ribbon pages wich have hidden forms in them, so the user knows there is something already opened in them.

                                    Thanks for your great support.


                                • Hi Juan,

                                  Thank you for the question. The RibbonControl doesn't provide this capability. However, you can introduce a similar kind of indication by assigning different images to the RibbonPage's Image property. So, if a hidden group contains open forms, you can show some enabled icon, otherwise, the icon will be grayed out.

                                  Please try this solution, and inform us of your results.


                                • Luiz Nogueira 07.20.2010

                                  Hi Stan.

                                  Thanks for answering the post. We see no reason why is it possible to change the image of each tab page and not being able to change the fore color of the header caption?. We are happy with the ability that many other devexpress controls offer in handing special events and altering the appearance of captions, backgorund colors, etc.

                                  Please, we would be most satisfied if this capability could be included in a futre release. The ribbon control should be more flexible, ofering the same appearance customization capabilites like other controls, and not being so tied up when using skins, etc.

                                  thank you for your consideration.


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                                Hi Luiz,

                                Thank you for the feedback.

                                We already have the Implement properties to define the font and forecolor of individual RibbonPages and RibbonPageGroups suggestion to implement special properties allowing you to customize the individual ribbon page's appearance. Also, there is a Custom draw ribbon page header suggestion to introduce an event supporting custom drawing on the ribbon page.

                                Please track these threads to stay informed on our progress over it. Please feel free to contact us in case of any difficultly.


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