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                                  • Hello,
                                    I have a standard TreeView control which is located inside an ASPxCallbackPanel. When I refresh the ASPxCallbackPanel control via the PerformCallback function I rebind the TreeView control, but when returned, this TreeView control is modified so when expanding nodes a full page postback occours.
                                    I know that the problem is ASPxCallbackPanel, because at initial page display, the TreeView control doesn't fire a postback. My asumption is, that when server generates TreeView control, it somehow predicts, that client has no javascript, so it generates basic TreeView control without javascript for expanding/collapsing nodes.
                                    This is root node when page loads:
                                    <a class="Stats1_ASPxCallbackPanel1_TreeView1_0" href="javascript:TreeView_ToggleNode(Stats1_ASPxCallbackPanel1_TreeView1_Data,0,document.getElementById('Stats1_ASPxCallbackPanel1_TreeView1n0'),' ',document.getElementById('Stats1_ASPxCallbackPanel1_TreeView1n0Nodes'))" id="Stats1_ASPxCallbackPanel1_TreeView1t0">ŠKODA TVEGANJA</a>
                                    And this is root node after update:
                                    <a href="javascript:__doPostBack('Stats1$ASPxCallbackPanel1$TreeView1','sŠKODA TVEGANJA')" id="Stats1_ASPxCallbackPanel1_TreeView1t0" style="text-decoration:none;">ŠKODA TVEGANJA</a>

                                • Mike (DevExpress Support) 06.24.2010

                                  Hello Andraž,
                                  Thank you for the detailed description of the issue. I've reproduced this behavior. However, I need to discuss this behavior with our developers, so I'll still leave this report as active. We'll answer you as soon as possible.
                                  See Also:
                                  TreeView Control
                                  Check if Search Engine is able to answer questions faster than I do!

                                • Kate T (DevExpress Support) 06.25.2010

                                  Hi Andraž:
                                  This behavior is by design for the standard TreeView, so we can't fix it. The TreeView renders its startup script outside the container (ASPxCallbackPanel), and this leads to an unexpected postback.
                                  Please use the ASPxTreeList instead of the TreeView.

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