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                                  • Hi,

                                    I would like to make the ASPxHtmlEditor be 100% width and Height in a ASPxPopupControl, but i can't seem to get this to work.

                                    1. I tried to set the ASPxHtmlEditor to 100% width and Height no result.
                                    2. On the ASPxPopupControl i added the ClientSideEvent AfterResizing="function(s,e) { HtmlEditorBody.SetHeight(s.GetHeight() -25); HtmlEditorBody.SetWidth(s.GetWidth() -25); } partially worked could increase the size of the popup window but not decrease the size.

                                    Please advice.

                                • Hi Martijn,

                                  Thank you for the inquiry. We'll research the situation, and try to find an acceptable solution for you. Meantime, I see that you're using a daily build of DXperience v2009 vol 3.3. We've already released v2009 vol 3.4. I recommend that you download it from your Client Center account, and install the new libraries.


                                • Hello Martijn,

                                  I suggest that you use handle the ASPxClientPopupControl's AfterResizing event and use the ASPxClientHtmlEditor's AdjustControl method:

                                  <dx:ASPxPopupControl AllowResize="True"> <ClientSideEvents AfterResizing="function(s, e) { HtmlEditorBody.AdjustControl(); }" /> <dx:ASPxHtmlEditor ID="ASPxHtmlEditor1" runat="server" Height="100%" Width="100%" ClientInstanceName="HtmlEditorBody"></dx:ASPxHtmlEditor>

                                  Please let me know if this helps.


                                • Martijn van IJperen 03.28.2010


                                  I created a sample with your tips but it doesn't work. The height did resize but the width stops at a point and i can make the popup bigger not smaller.

                                  Please advice.


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                                Hello Martijn,

                                Thank you for sending your test project to me. When you increase the ASPxPopupControl's size the ASPxHtmlEditor inside it takes all the available content. So when you try to decrease the ASPxPopupControl's size, the ASPxHtmlEditor prevents it. It's necessary to collapse the ASPxHtmlEditor before the ASPxPopupControl's resizing and set the required ASPxHtmlEditor's size after the ASPxPopupControl's resizing by handling the ASPxClientPopupControl's client-side BeforeResizing and AfterResizing events. It's also necessary to set the ASPxPopupControl's ResizingMode property to "Postponed" to redraw the ASPxPopupControl after the resizing operation is finished:

                                <dx:ASPxHtmlEditor ID="ASPxHtmlEditor1" runat="server" Height="100%" Width="100%" ClientInstanceName="HtmlEditorBody" ResizingMode="Postponed"></dx:ASPxHtmlEditor> <dx:ASPxPopupControl ...> <ClientSideEvents AfterResizing="function(s, e) { HtmlEditorBody.SetHeight(s.GetHeight() - 25); HtmlEditorBody.SetWidth(s.GetWidth() - 25); }" BeforeResizing="function(s, e) { HtmlEditorBody.SetHeight(MIN_SIZE); HtmlEditorBody.SetWidth(MIN_SIZE); }" />

                                I've created a test project, illustrating how you can do it. I've also made a screencast, illustrating how it works. Please see the attachment.

                                • Martijn van IJperen 03.31.2010


                                • yerzu 07.16.2013


                                  how can I do this now (2013 1.4)?

                                • Hello,

                                  You can use the same client-side code to accomplish this task when using version 13.1.
                                  You can also upgrade the attached project via the Project Converter tool in order to make that solution compatible with the DevExpress version installed on your machine.
                                  If you need further assistance with this subject, please create a new ticket in our Support Center and describe your scenario in greater detail.

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