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                                  • Hello:
                                    My Page contains 70 web controls (20 ASPxSpinEdit ,20 ASPxComboBox ,20 ASPxDateEdit .....)
                                    it takes 20 seconds to load this page. What can I do to Optimization and raise refresh efficiency..

                                • Serge (DevExpress Support) 10.29.2009

                                  Hi Tonney,
                                  By design, each editor working in non-native mode renders an HTML table, and instantiates the corresponding client-side objects. Keeping in mind the number of editors on your page, the best solution would be to reduce this number, or at least, switch "plain" text editors to native mode.
                                  The ASPxDateEdit also allows you to share a single dropdown calendar between multiple editors. This feature allows you to decrease the size of the HTML code rendered into the web page by date editors, since a popup calendar window is rendered only once, and then can be used (invoked) by all date editors on the page. Use the ASPxDateEdit.PopupCalendarOwnerID property to refer to the date editor control whose popup calendar the current editor should use.
                                  You can also reduce the data amount sent to the client. Please try our suggestions from this blog post:
                                    Settings To Improve DevExpress ASP.NET Performance

                                • Huang Tonney 10.29.2009

                                  How to use the ASPxDateEdit.PopupCalendarOwnerID property ?
                                  Can U give me one sample code? thk.

                                • Huang Tonney 10.29.2009

                                  Hi Serge,
                                  I used the ASPxDateEdit.PopupCalendarOwnerID property and native mode and Settings web.config to improve performance.
                                  it takes 12 seconds to load this page and pagesize 500k by After Optimization.(before optimization is 27 seconds,1M)
                                  but it takes too long time for loading....
                                  Can I load the page in batches? Please give me some advice and Solutions.....

                                • Vest (DevExpress Support) 10.30.2009

                                  Hello Tonney,
                                  The size of a page can be decreased if you simplify the rendering result of your controls: How to improve performance in DataItem Template with ASPxComboBox.
                                  By the way, I assume that you might store a large number of data in the ViewState.
                                  Can you give us a direct link to your page in the Internet, so we can examine it?

                                • Huang Tonney 11.01.2009

                                  thanks everybody.

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