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                                  • Hi,
                                    In my application i have to use MS-Word control. I am thinking of using the DevExpress's RFT control.
                                    Can the DevExpress's RTF control provide the "Track Changes" functionality like MS-Word.
                                    Kind Regards,

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                                Hi Krishna,
                                Thank you for the message.
                                At present, XtraRichEdit doesn't have built-in support for this functionality.

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                                • A391277 09.28.2009

                                  Hi Elliot,
                                  Is this change in your list? If so can you please tell me when this functionality will be released.
                                  Many Thanks,

                                • Elliot (DevExpress Support) 09.28.2009

                                  Hi Krishna,
                                  At present, we have no plans to implement the "Track Changes" functionality in the XtraRichEdit control. However, I agree with you that it would be great to implement this feature. So, I've converted this issue to a suggestion, and we'll consider implementing it in the future.

                                • Ariel Wynn 09.02.2012

                                  Has any decision been made on this issue?

                                • Sergi (DevExpress Support) 09.03.2012

                                  Thank you for your interest in this feature. Unfortunately, we have not established any release date for this feature, so I cannot provide you with any estimate on when it will be implemented. Generally, this is because the development cycle depends on a number of factors, so any personal estimate can be misleading. We will update this ticket once this feature is implemented. Please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience.

                                • Randall Stephens 2 03.28.2015

                                  Appears this is still not implemented and with the last post being 3 years ago. Any chance this is getting included any time soon?

                                • Andrey (DevExpress Support) 03.29.2015

                                  We have no immediate plans to support "Track Changes" in the RichEdit control. This feature is still on our radar, and perhaps we will implement it in the future. Unfortunately, I cannot provide any strict time frames regarding this. Please add this ticket to your favorites to be notified of our progress.

                                • Fausto Basso 07.29.2015

                                  This feature needs a high priority.
                                  Please think of the end users who are working in environments where there is a huge need for accountability, such as medical clinics, government and legal organizations. Not having this feature can put people at risk.

                                • Oleg (DevExpress Support) 07.30.2015

                                  Hello Greg,
                                  We appreciate your feedback regarding this feature and will certainly take your opinion into account while discussing our future development plans.
                                  However, I would like to note that most likely this feature will not be introduced with the next major version 15.2. Nevertheless, as Andrey mentioned, we understand the importance of supporting the "Track Changes" feature in the RichEditControl component and will keep this feature on our radar.
                                  We will try to implement it in one of future releases and update the "What's New" section for a corresponding version in which this feature will be introduced.
                                  Please stay tuned to our announcements.

                                • Ndehi Karonjo 08.13.2015

                                  I would lilke to support Greg's request for change tracking and comments. If it can also come as part of XAF it would be really awesome.

                                • Ariel Wynn 09.30.2015

                                  This feature is important and should be added to the feature set

                                • Oleg (DevExpress Support) 10.01.2015

                                  Hello Courtney and Ndehi,
                                  We understand the necessity of this feature and will certainly take all your opinions into account while scheduling our future development plans.
                                  We will update the "What's New" section for a corresponding version in which this feature will be introduced. 

                                • Randall Stephens 2 11.10.2015

                                  any update info on this....Tracking changes are a Must for lawyers and medical.

                                • Oleg (DevExpress Support) 11.10.2015

                                  Hello Randall,
                                  Thank you for your interest. As I previously mentioned, we understand the necessity of this feature, however, the "Track Changes" functionality will not be introduced in the next major version 15.2. Nevertheless, we keep this functionality in our radar and will try to implement it in the future. Please stay tuned to our announcements.

                                • David_F 01.27.2016

                                  Please, consider adding this! Lack of track changes was a deal-breaker for us; otherwise, we'd have gone with your control. We need to migrate a specification-writing desktop application to the web. Track Changes are a crucial part of the system, and not a feature we're willing to part with.

                                • Oleg (DevExpress Support) 01.27.2016

                                  Hello David,
                                  Support for the "Track Changes" capability is included in our nearest development plans. We will try to implement it in one of our future versions.
                                  We will update the status of this ticket as well as the "What's New" section for a corresponding version of the RichEditControl in which this feature will be implemented.

                                • David_F 01.31.2016

                                  Hi Oleg,
                                  That's great to hear--look forward to re-evaluating our options in the future. Thanks for your response!

                                • Bruno Bauler 03.01.2016

                                  Hi all,

                                  Just to say that this feature is very important to us too. So, if DevExpress could deliverer it ASAP, it will be great.


                                • Vincent (GQ) 05.19.2016

                                  It's been asked by our users as well. 

                                • tule mon 05.19.2016

                                  Yes, we have a need for this as well

                                • Vincent (GQ) 05.19.2016

                                  In the meantime, could it be possible to just show the edited text in the RichEdit?

                                  See the attached file .

                                • Yulia (DevExpress Support) 05.19.2016


                                  To resolve issues with loading text that was inserted or deleted via MS Word "Track Changes", we added the following properties in v15.2.7:

                                  The default value of these properties is true, i.e., the "deleted" and "inserted" content will not be loaded from the OpenXML format into the RichEditControl by default.

                                  To load edited text in the attached document, disable the RichEditControl.Options.Import.OpenXml.IgnoreInsertedText option.

                                  Please refer to the Text changed using the Track Changes feature is lost while loading an OpenXML document into RichEditControl thread for more information.

                                • Martin Jehle 06.09.2016


                                  that is a nice feature. But we keep getting asked for the live change tracking in the richEditControl.

                                  Is this feature on the to do list ? Can we expect it anytime soon ?

                                  Kind regards

                                • Yulia (DevExpress Support) 06.10.2016

                                  Hello Martin,

                                  Yes, this feature is in our To-Do list, however it will not be included in the upcoming 16.1 release. We have plans to implement it in one of the next major updates of RichEditControl. Please watch for our What's New announcements of future releases to be notified when this feature is introduced.

                                • Michael Proctor [DX-Squad] 06.16.2016

                                  Excellent to see DX advise something in their in progress list. It helps us understand that it is something we can say will be available within the next year or so.

                                  I was reviewing the ability to add WordDocument editing within our business management app but didn't want it to be a crippled version. Knowing this is coming is enough for me to go to the effor tto implement it and advise customers that in the interim Tracked Changes is not available but will be implemented in future releases.

                                  Great work DX.

                                • Marc Guyott 06.17.2016

                                  Just to weigh in, this feature is also important to us and we will be watching for when it becomes available.


                                • dvana 04.22.2017

                                  This feature is important for us too. Any update about when this will be available?

                                • Oleg (DevExpress Support) 04.24.2017

                                  Unfortunately, we did not manage to complete the "Track Changes" functionality in the upcoming version 17.1.
                                  We will continue working on this feature and will try to implement it in one of our next versions.
                                  Once we implement this functionality, we will announce in our news channels ("What's New" section, blog posts).

                                • James Daniels 1 04.24.2017

                                  Track changes is important to us as well.  Do you think it will be released in an update version of 17 or will it be a later version?

                                • Ingvar (DevExpress Support) 04.25.2017

                                  Hi James,

                                  As Oleg stated in his previous post, this functionality will not be available in v17.1. However, our developers are working on this functionality, and I hope this feature will be available in one of future versions.

                                • loretta rinaldi 06.13.2017

                                  We are interested in being able to track changes also. Thanks.

                                • StringSoft Inc. 11.13.2017

                                  Any update on when the track changes feature will be available?   This is very important and after 9 years of asking, I would assume that you could devote some development time to this feature.

                                • Ingvar (DevExpress Support) 11.13.2017


                                  While working on this functionality, we encountered certain difficulties that prevent us from further development of the "Track Changes" feature. Currently, our developers are researching possible ways to overcome these difficulties and integrate the requested feature into RichEditControl without introducing significant changes in the public API. This may take additional time. All I can say right now is that this feature will not be a part of v17.2.

                                • dvana 03.30.2018

                                  We also need Track Changes, this feature is critical for our business. We create solutions for technical documentation, and our customers demand change tracking. Telerik has this feature, but we like the DevExpress product. Please add this feature soon.

                                • Brendon Muck [DevExpress MVP] 04.02.2018

                                  Hopefully you all voted for this feature as part of the 2018 roadmap survey, as it was discussed as possibly being introduced in the second half of 2018:


                                • DerrickVana 09.16.2018

                                  Hello, has anyone heard any news about adding Track Changes?

                                • Yulia (DevExpress Support) 09.17.2018

                                  Hello Derrick,

                                  The Track Changes feature will not be introduced in the next major update of our controls - 18.2. You can check the Office File API Subscription – v18.2 and What You Can Expect in mid-November blog to learn more about our plans for the 18.2 release.

                                • Marcin Krupa 1 09.17.2018


                                  Do I understand correctly (after reading "Right-To-Left Support" section in the document you linked) that the request to have Right to Left support in XtraRichEdit (and SnapControl) (discussed in is going to be finally fulfilled soon?

                                  Thank you.

                                • Yulia (DevExpress Support) 09.17.2018

                                  Hello Marcin,

                                  I've created a separate ticket on your behalf (T673488: Right-To-Left support in a RichEditControl) to discuss your question regarding Right-To-Left support, since this ticket is about the Track Changes feature. I will answer you there.

                                • randall stephens 3 09.17.2018

                                  this is really disappointing that Tracking did not make 18.2.  So what is the hold up....this has been requested by many for many years now? then we get a glimpse of hope with the roadmap...but nope still not going to have it.  Are we just being strung along?

                                • Ingvar (DevExpress Support) 09.17.2018

                                  Dear Randall,

                                  I assure you that we did not abandon this request, and we do want to introduce it as soon as possible. Although we had to postpone this feature's implementation, we will consider adding it in future versions of our products. However, I cannot provide you with any promises or estimates at present.

                                • randall stephens 3 09.17.2018

                                  Dear Devexpress Team,
                                  Please take note that this feature is extremely important to your users. from this post alone its was request 9 years ago. I know from my posts that i have been requesting it over 3 years ago. it seems to me that there are two scenarios going on here.

                                  1. This request is not compatible with Richedit control, or
                                  2. your team is just not concerned with the needs of your users.

                                  I'm just being honest with you guys, so shoot me if you want but i think i'm speaking for a lot of the users here on this forum.

                                  many years ago i was using a competitive solution until i saw what your team was doing with the Office integration stuff. what you had was so miles ahead of your competition that i became a advocate for Devexpress. in fact i  even had my new employer migrate to it this year. with that being said it appears that these controls are reaching their limits or devexpress is no longer investing time to keep them on the cutting edge. i would hate to see Devexpress lose their position based on a competitor having a better solution in this area...and let me say the competitors are about there.

                                  So i hope your team listens to all of us when we try and give you our support and opinions on what will keep Devepxress the #1 choice.
                                  stringing us along (3-9 years) will end in us leaving....allowing us to be part of the solution will lead us to becoming advocates.

                                  so tell us the issues, why its delayed...not "oh its coming.....which we have heard over and over again.)
                                  We are developers, we understand the hurdles but when left in the dark...i think you get the point.

                                • StringSoft Inc. 09.18.2018

                                  I completely agree with Randall.   This has been something we have asked for years.  We were eagerly waiting on the 18.2 release to finally solve a substantial issue for our customers.   Can you explain why it was not put into this release after it was accepted for the 18.2 release?   We have invested a lot of time and effort into incorporating DevExpress solutions with our product.  Whoops, just kidding does not cut it for an answer.

                                • DerrickVana 10.07.2018

                                  I also completely agree with Randall that you need to add Track Changes to your RichText WinForms editor. This feature is so critical to us that we have delayed releasing our product, which is costing us money. We understand that you need a solid release, but please make this feature a high priority so that we can move forward with our product.

                                • John Cox 12.07.2018

                                  Not having the track changes feature, has caused many of our users to abandon the embedded document editing feature of our application, opting to use external Word docx files.  This approach upsets the workflow and complicates matters on many levels, but our customers feel the benefit of track changes is worth it.  I have had several request Office automation to streamline the process, but this flies in the face of the application we are trying to provide.

                                  I certainly think it is a highly desired feature!

                                • Jean-Francois 12.15.2018

                                  The exact same behaviour described by @Randall Stephen above applies to footnotes support. Repeatedly requested for > 9 years and ignored since without a clear and honest position (too complicated, not supported by our rendering engine, or whatever).

                                  W‍e then have the same problem as @John Cox, having our users abandoning our application for Word files.

                                  P‍lease stop the canned answers on those two features. 

                                • Mork Nic 05.17.2019

                                  I have been waiting for it as far as i can remember the first time i ever compared Infragistics and DevExpress. I had to ask my employer to opt for DevExpress because i saw the time lines when it was first requested, it was then 6 years and so i thought it was coming in the following year which i could wait for, but never did.

                                  I am here in 19.1.3 and i am not seeing it once again even though it was mentioned in the webinar. Where is it please. Bring it as quickly as possible else my users are abandoning my application for good.

                                  I am waiting.

                                • Ingvar (DevExpress Support) 05.20.2019

                                  Hi Mork,

                                  Starting with v19.1, our RichEditControl is capable of preserving "Track Changes" content. This means that RichEditControl properly loads and re-saves this content along with the document. However, this version does not render these changes in a way Microsoft Word does. Our developers are working on rendering this content, and I hope you will be able to use this feature soon.