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                                  • If you see i expanded it manually upto an extent means it is expanded upto module detail level.
                                    Is there some way to default expand it upto this module level(shown in the screen shot). Mean when the datagrid is displayed it is defalut expanded upto a level?

                                    Please reply.


                                Hi Aniruddh ,

                                To expand a particular row, please call the GridView.ExpandGroupRow Method.

                                Please review our answer to a similar question in the Support Center:
                                 ("How to focus and select a row if grouping is enabled")

                                If you need any further assistance on this subject, please feel free to reactivate this ticket.



                                Hi Dimitros,

                                Thanks for the solution, it does excatly what i wanted but it has a problem. After setting the property AutoExpandAllGroups, groups are autoexpanded but Group values are gone. Please see the attached document, same is happening even if i do it using gridView1_EndGrouping event by calling the methos GridView.ExpandGroupRow().

                                Please suggest how can i show the values also with the auto expand group. Values are assigned to group columns at runtime by setting the GridView datsource.


                                Please find the attachement, forgot in previous post.


                                Hi Aniruddh,

                                I'm afraid that it is unclear how to reproduce this problem. First, could you please clarify why you need to set the AutoExpandAllGroups property. This setting contradicts with using the ExpandGroupRow method. It is necessary to use this method if you are using the mentioned option, because all groups are automatically expanded when this option is set. If possible, please attach a sample demonstrating the problem. I'll review it, and try to find an exact solution for you.


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