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                                  • Hi, I am working on an issue in our product centered on forms failing so scroll when a user uses the mouse scroll wheel while a LookUpEdit is focused. In our system we have disabled the scrolling of LookUp items when the LookUp is not popped out (per CQ56421). I assume, since we swallow the scrolling event in the MouseWheel handler the form does not get notified that the mouse wheel has been scrolled. Is there a way where we can disable the scrolling of items in the LookUpEdit AND still have the scrolling of the form work when a LookUpEdit is focused?

                                    Steps to reproduce:
                                    a.     Select the Simple Text Box, then scroll the mouse wheel...notice the form scrolls
                                    b.     Now select the LookUpEdit and scroll the mouse wheel...notice the form DOES NOT SCROLL...we would like it to. Can this be done?


                                Thank you for the question. I'm afraid that there is no direct way to achieve this goal, because the LookupEdit manages the mouse wheel internally. The only way to achieve this goal is to create your own LookupEdit descendant and override its OnMouseWheel method:

                                protected override void OnMouseWheel(MouseEventArgs e) { //leave it empty; }

                                I have attached a sample project, which demonstrates how to implement this feature. Please review it and inform me whether this approach suits your needs.


                                Glorious. Thanks.

                                Perfect. Thanks.