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                                  • Hi - I'm grouping rows within a GridView, but I want to sort the group rows by one field (Position) but display on them the contents of another field (Heading). E.g. suppose I have

                                    Position Heading
                                    --------- -------
                                    10 forest
                                    30 other
                                    20 artificial

                                    then I want the groups to be sorted in the order of Position, i.e. forest, artificial, other

                                    I'm using GroupRowTemplate to do this, but whilst it sorts correctly and displays the correct heading the little plus is missing from the group row and I can't expand or collapse them. I can't find any docs on this: is there a way of preserving the expand collapse behaviour when using GroupRowTemplate? I've attached a screenshots of my code and the result for reference ...


                                Hi Anthony;

                                Please try to use the GrouRowContent template container instead of the GroupRowTemplate container. In this situation the little "plus" button will not be missed.


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