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                                  • Problem
                                    The Model Editor doesn't support localization out of the box because this tool is provided mostly for developers and advanced users with administrative permissions.

                                    Current Solutions
                                    Certain Model Editor elements can be localized as follows.

                                    1. You can add descriptions for model properties shown in the footer when the node is selected by applying the standard System.ComponentModel.DescriptionAttribute. This attribute can be added in code to your custom model properties.
                                    public interface IDemoDescription { [Description("Demo Description")] string Description { get; set; } }

                                    It can also be added to built-in model properties at runtime as described in the Personalizing and securing the runtime Model Editor for your end-users.

                                    2. You can change the Model Editor for caption by overriding the WinApplication.CreateModelEditorForm, calling the base method and modifying the returned form properties.
                                    public partial class MyWinApplication : WinApplication { protected override System.Windows.Forms.Form CreateModelEditorForm() { Form result = base.CreateModelEditorForm(); result.Text = "My Caption"; return result; } }

                                    Localizing other Model Editor elements would require you to modify the source code of this component (you can find it in the "...\Sources\DevExpress.ExpressApp\DevExpress.ExpressApp.Win\Core\ModelEditor" folder) and build custom XAF assemblies. However, this code can be changed in the future, and these changes can break your solution. So, this approach is not recommended as a long term solution.

                                    We would appreciate your feedback. Please describe scenarios in which the Model Editor is used in your application at runtime and why it is important to localize it. Please specify which Model Editor elements require localization more than others in your usage scenarios. We will discuss possible improvements to support the Model Editor localization with the team.

                                • Zhang IORI 05.26.2008

                                  Thanks you for you reply,Dennis.I'll try it.

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