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                                  • See article K18092. How do I do this with the XtraGrid?

                                • Nick (DevExpress Support) 05.19.2008

                                  Hello Brad,
                                  The XtraGrid doesn't allow you to accomplish the same functionality. I advise that you create a separate edit form which is open when a grid row is double-clicked. This approach allows you to modify business objects, while the grid is solely used to display data.

                                • Brad Green 05.19.2008

                                  What's the easiest way to update the grid once a value has been changed? Do I have to invalidate the whole data source or can I modify individual values in it's local cache?

                                • Nick (DevExpress Support) 05.20.2008

                                  The only way to update the grid in LINQ Server mode is to call the LinqServerModeSource.Reload method.

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