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                                  • I am using the tab manager. Once the person has filled in the first tab, I want to use the tabindex for the next tab to open and go to the next field.

                                     So the user uses the tab key to move through the first tab's fields, then when they are the last field and hit tab key, the next tab should open and be sitting on the first field.

                                    how do i do this?



                                Hi Kada,

                                To switch between XtraTabControl pages, use the (Shift)+Ctrl+Tab keystroke.
                                To automatically switch tab pages when the last inner control is tabbed out, override the form's ProcessTabKey method in the following way:

                                protected override bool ProcessTabKey(bool forward) { bool ok = base.ProcessTabKey(forward); XtraTabControl tabControl = this.ActiveControl as XtraTabControl; if (tabControl == null) return ok; int idx = tabControl.SelectedTabPageIndex + (forward ? 1 : -1); tabControl.SelectedTabPageIndex = (idx + tabControl.TabPages.Count) % tabControl.TabPages.Count; return this.SelectNextControl(tabControl, forward, true, true, true); }
                                Protected Overrides Function ProcessTabKey(ByVal forward As Boolean) As Boolean Dim ok As Boolean = MyBase.ProcessTabKey(forward) Dim tabControl As XtraTabControl = TryCast(Me.ActiveControl, XtraTabControl) If tabControl Is Nothing Then Return ok End If Dim idx As Integer If forward Then idx = tabControl.SelectedTabPageIndex + (1) Else idx = tabControl.SelectedTabPageIndex + (-1) End If tabControl.SelectedTabPageIndex = (idx + tabControl.TabPages.Count) Mod tabControl.TabPages.Count Return Me.SelectNextControl(tabControl, forward, True, True, True) End Function

                                A sample project is also attached. Please let us know if this makes sense.


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