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                                  • Description:
                                    Starting with version 12.1, the DevExpress WinForms controls provide Coded UI Tests support. This article answers frequently asked questions related to CUIT support in our controls, licensing issues and troubleshooting solutions.

                                    Important note:
                                    Officially, we support Coded UI Test Extension and recommend using it to create automated tests for our desktop components. However, according to the recent Microsoft announcements (see Visual Studio 2019 Preview Release Notes), Visual Studio 2019 will be the final version of Visual Studio with Coded UI test features. According to Microsoft's recommendations, you can use Selenium for testing web-applications and Appium with WinAppDriver for testing desktop and UWP apps. Although we don't declare official support for these testing tools, our research showed that these testing tools can be used with our components.

                                    1) What is the Coded UI Test Extension?
                                    The**Coded UI Test Extension** for DevExpress WinForms controls is an extension to Microsoft CUIT tailored to facilitate UI testing in DevExpress WinForms controls using the Microsoft CUIT framework. Refer to the Microsoft CUITarticle to learn how to record your first UI test.
                                    2) How can I get Coded UI tests to work with DevExpress WinForms controls? Should I install a specific extension to get it to work?
                                    Yes. For Coded UI Tests to recognize our controls, you need to install the DevExpress Coded UI Test Extension (CUIT Extension) for WinForms Controls, shipped as a part of the Universal subscription.
                                    3) What controls and actions does the DevExpress CUIT Extension support?
                                    There are four levels of Coded UI support. All DevExpress WinForms controls provide support for Microsoft Coded UI Tests (CUIT) level 1. The list of controls that support level 2 and higher is available in the Coded UI Test Extension: Supported Controls and Actions help topic.
                                    4) What IDE and tools do I need to use the DevExpress CUIT Extension?
                                    It is necessary to use Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Premium/Ultimate/Test Professional edition (Service Pack 1), Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Premium/Ultimate/Test Professional edition, Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Premium/Ultimate/Test Professional edition, or Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise edition. Refer to the Coded UI Test Extension: System Requirements help topic for more information.
                                    5) What subscription do I need to use the CUIT Extension?
                                    The CUIT Extension is a part of the Universal subscription. With other subscriptions, the CUIT Extension can be installed in Trial mode. So, you can test them even if you don't have the Universal subscription.
                                    6) I do not develop applications, I only test applications using your controls. Should I have a separate Universal subscription to create Coded UI tests for these applications?
                                    To use the CUIT Extension on a test machine, you need to have a separate valid Universal license for each tester.
                                    If you do not have Visual Studio installed on a test machine and use Microsoft Test Manager to build and run tests, you also need to have a separate license for each tester to use the CUIT Extension.
                                    For more information about the CUIT Extension licensing policy, contact us at
                                    7) Do you have an installer that only installs the CUIT Extension, so that I can use it on a test machine without installing your controls?
                                    For Universal subscription owners, a separate installer for the CUIT Extension is available. You can download it from the Download Manager.
                                    As mentioned above, the .NET Controls and Libraries installer also installs the CUIT Extension.
                                    So, there is no need to run a separate installer for the CUIT Extension on a machine where .NET Controls are already installed.
                                    For more information on the CUIT Extension installer, refer to Julian Bucknall’s blog post: Separate Installation of Coded UI Test Extension for WinForms Controls
                                    8) How can I check to see if the extension is registered properly?
                                    When you create a new Coded UI test, the CUIT Extension assembly should automatically be added to the project's References section.
                                    9) I can't get your extension to work. What should I do?
                                    First, ensure that your system meets the System Requirements for the CUIT Extension.
                                    If you installed Visual Studio after installing the CUIT Extension, run the CUIT Extension installation again in Repair mode.
                                    The minor version of the CUIT Extension must be the same as the minor version of the DevExpress WinForms controls used in your application, or installed on the test machine. However, you can still use multiple major versions on a single machine.
                                    All installation processes are written to an installation log file. For.NET products, it is located in the .NET Controls and Libraries installation folder you specified during the installation. For the separate Coded UI Test Extension installer, the path is %ProgramFiles%\DevExpress XX.Y\DevExpressCodedUIExtensions. If you have any issues, refer to that file to view the errors that occurred during installation.
                                    If the information above doesn't help, please run the attached BAT file, which will collect more information about your system. Send us the generated log file so that we can research this issue.
                                    10) How can I check if your controls are recognized properly?
                                    When you create an Assert method, the Technology property in the PropertyGrid should display "DevExpress". In addition, all classes generated for the DevExpress WinForms controls should start with the "DX" prefix.
                                    11) I copied the assembly with the CUIT Extension on my machine and added a reference to it in the project References section, but DevExpress WinForms controls are not recognized properly. Why?
                                    The CUIT Extension should be installed to the GAC and registered in a special manner on your machine. The .NET Controls and Libraries and the separate Coded UI Test Extension installers do this automatically. Please refer to the “Hello, World” Extension for Coded UI Test blog post to learn more on how to register a custom CUIT Extension.

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                                • Chengwei 06.06.2013

                                  In regards to bulletin number "[8) I can't get your extension to work. What should I do?, ]", it indicates that "The minor version of the CUIT Extension must be the same as the minor version of the DevExpress WinForms controls used in your application or installed on a test machine. "
                                  In that case, what is the recommended practice for this below scenario,
                                  - Our organisation has Dev team and QA team co-exist independently
                                  - QA team automates test cases to test the application in a separate process, separate solution from the dev team.
                                  - In the beginning, both QA team and Dev team start with the same DevExpress version (i.e. v12.2.4)
                                  - A bug found in the CodedUI extension package, which blocks the UI automation. (i.e. A control could not be reconized)
                                  - A newer version of DevExpress fixes this issue
                                  - QA team needs to upgrade to the newer version of DevExpress to benefit from the fix
                                  - However, the Dev team is not in the position to upgrade DevExpress (there is a very strict process in that team to upgrade any 3rd party components).
                                  - Then according to the pre-requisite (same version requirement) mentioned above, QA team will not be able to automate for the existing application after the upgrade.
                                  Just wondering, is there a mechanism to allow the DevExpress CodedUI extension package to be back-compatible with older version of DevExpress applications? Without this mechanism, all the fixes dedicated to the codedUI automation will not provide much value until the application upgraded with the same version, which does not always happen timely. For instance, there is no reasonable justification to request the Application team to upgrade devExpress if the fix is only for the CodedUI extension package.

                                • Svetlana (DevExpress Support) 06.07.2013

                                  Hi Chengwei,
                                  In order to handle your request, I have extracted your inquiry to a separate CodedUI Extensions do not work thread. We will answer you as quickly as possible.

                                • Zach Annett 05.20.2016

                                  I have a question that doesn't seem to be addressed in the above post...

                                  Let's say I have a DXperience subscription (allowing me access to the CUIT extension in demo mode) and I want to deregister the demo (since my organization is not wanting to upgrade to the Ultimate subscription for our entire development shop). I would imagine that the following mechanisms would be sufficient to prevent the Coded UI Test Builder from attempting to use the extension:

                                  - Removing the UITestExtensionPackage entries from the registry
                                  - Removing any DevExpress specific entries from the following directories:
                                  "%CommonProgramFiles%\Microsoft Shared\VSTT{Version}\UITestExtensionPackages\.*"
                                  (x86)* %\Microsoft Shared\VSTT{Version}\UITestExtensionPackages\*.*"

                                  I would be wrong...

                                  In certain machines, even after ensuring that the CUIT extensions have been deregistered, the CodedUITestBuilder still attempts to use them and ends up adding the CUIT references to our projects.

                                  Do you have any advice as to alternate methods to ensure that the CUIT extension demo is NOT used when recording interactions against DevExpress controls?

                                • Alisher (DevExpress Support) 05.24.2016


                                  I've created a separate ticket on your behalf (T382962: Coded UI Test Extension FAQ - Removing extensions). It has been placed in our processing queue and will be answered shortly.

                                • Przemysław Cuper 10.12.2016

                                  Regarding the answer to question nr 3:

                                  The Professional edition of Visual Studio does not have Coded UI Testing. Only Premium and Ultimate editions do. Please correct that because the information is misleading.

                                • Alisher (DevExpress Support) 10.13.2016

                                  Hello Przemysław,

                                  Thank you for your feedback.

                                  You are right; the Professional edition of Visual Studio does not have Coded UI Testing. In the answer to question 3, Visual Studio Test Professional edition is mentioned. This edition, however, does have Coded UI Testing. Please review the Software Testing for Professionals | Visual Studio page for more information.

                                  Let me know if you have additional questions.

                                • Ghislain Sommervogel 04.04.2019

                                  Hi Team,

                                  Just reacting to Gosha's statement about Appium/WinAppDriver compatibility
                                  "Although we don't declare official support for these testing tools, our research showed that these testing tools can be used with our components."

                                  I'm currently working on automating tests with Appium/WinAppDriver. It's working fine with many devexpress controls, but is not compatible with the spreadhsheetcontrol. The lower object in hierarchy appears to be the spreadsheet control itself and not the grid cells. It is therefore not possible to automate a cell selection.

                                  I've attached a screenshot taken from Visual UI Automation Verify (from Windows 10 SDK) to illustrate the issue. Below the spreadsheet control, you can only access the tabs bar and the lateral scrollbars. Not the worksheets themselves, nor the cells. A similar object tree is produced by Inspect.exe (also Windows 10 SDK) or by WinAppDriverUiRecorder.exe (another advanced tool to locate elements to automate). At the time beeing, no test automation is therefore possible on this control.

                                  ... but for you to feel confortable with it, Microsoft Excel doesn't allow test automation using WinAppDriver either (AFAIK).

                                  That beeing said, I would be very interested in having an extended DevExpress compatibility with Appium/WinAppDriver in the next few monthes. Even if I have to go through the Universal Extension in order to get it!


                                • Vladislav (DevExpress Support) 04.04.2019

                                  Hello Ghislain,

                                  Thank you for your feedback. The Appium/WinAppDriver support is currently under consideration and that is why we cannot guarantee that these tests will work for all our components as expected.
                                  As for extending the compatibility with our components, I cannot provide you with a definite time frame as to when we provide it. If you are interested in it, I suggest that you follow our blogs and announcements.

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