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                                  • After installing or updating our products, you may experience issues with Toolbox items. Usually these issues appear in Silverlight projects.

                                • Henrik Haumann 06.14.2012

                                  Hi DevExpress

                                  Wasted about 4-5 hours on this - but finally found this KB.

                                  Resetting, removing reg keys and applying the reg to my W7 x64 solved the issue

                                  Finally - thank you.

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                                The following steps allow you to reset the Toolbox completely and enable Visual Studio to rebuilt it from scratch. In most cases, this procedure solves all issues related to Silverlight toolbox items.

                                Above all, reset the Toolbox from Visual Studio. For this right-click the Toolbox and click the "Reset Toolbox" item. After the reset procedure is done, follow these steps:

                                1. Close Visual Studio;

                                2. Open the "c:\Users\<your_user_name_here>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\VisualStudio\10.0" (Windows 7) folder and remove all the .TBD files;

                                3. Run the "regedit" tool. For this click the "Run" item in the Start menu and type "regedit" without quotation marks;

                                4. Find the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\10.0\ToolboxControlsInstaller_AssemblyFoldersExCache" and "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\10.0\ToolboxControlsInstallerCache" keys;

                                5. Remove everything from these keys leaving them empty;

                                6. Run Visual Studio again and wait until it recreates all items in the Toolbox.

                                See also:
                                KA18574: How to resolve issues with Toolbox items (Applies to: WinForms and ASP.NET starting with version 12.1, WPF and SL, any version)

                                K18430: How to resolve issues with Toolbox items (Applies to versions prior to 12.1)

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                                • Gerald Tauchner 06.12.2012

                                  It is not working! Please help!

                                • Giancarlo Barbieri Paim 06.12.2012

                                  Not working to me too!!!!

                                • William Wain 06.12.2012

                                  This wasn't the solution for me, but re-applying VS2010 SP1 did the trick

                                • John Newcombe 06.12.2012

                                  This doesn't work for 12.1 for me either

                                • Stan (DevExpress Support) 06.12.2012

                                  Thank you for your comments. The issue with toolbox items may be caused by many different reasons. To better understand the problem, we need an ActivityLog file that should be generated while recreating the toolbox. Please refer to the Q284926 thread, in which I have recently discussed a similar problem. I hope that this information will be useful. If nothing said above helps, I would appreciate it a lot if you create a separate ticket about problems with toolbox you are currently experiencing and post additional information there.

                                • John Newcombe 06.12.2012

                                  Needed to reinstall VS 2010 SP1

                                • James Organ 06.12.2012

                                  This upgrade process is less than ordinary. All previous releases (and I've been using DevExpress for many years now) have been painless. If you expect people to keep using your product this has to improve. The 'answer' above is just not acceptable.

                                • Marcus Kraus 06.13.2012

                                  We can't refer to Q284926 !!!

                                • Stefan Bedel 06.13.2012

                                  I agree with James. I tested it on three different computers with the same result. I never had a problem with further versions. Now there is a lot of wasted time and the only solution seems to reinstall VS2010. This ist not acceptable!

                                • JORGE MALDONADO 06.13.2012

                                  I already posted a support question about this issue too. I tried installing VS2010 SP1 (it was not installed) without success. Will there be a solution soon? Our project has been stopped. This is a strange behavior of Devexpress, products and support had always been excellent. What is going wrong guys? The proposed solution is an unusual response from you. I kindly ask you to get a solution ASAP.

                                • Stan (DevExpress Support) 06.13.2012

                                  Hi Everybody,

                                  I apologize for any inconvenience this incident might have caused you. It looks like the corresponding issue has been marked as private by its owner. I understand all your concerns about the problems you are currently experiencing with toolbox items, and I am going to update the corresponding Knowledge Base article (K18430) accordingly. Let me attempt to explain what happened with the toolbox in the latest version of our products 12.1. We have improved the toolbox items registration process, and now the installation uses a native toolbox generation mechanism. This mechanism is shortly described in the following thread: Installing a .NET control in the visual studio toolbox. In general, all controls are installed using the Visual Studio's ToolboxControlsInstaller extension that is registered under the following key (withouth Wow6432 for x86 machines):


                                  The most usual problem with the current approach is that this registry key isn't present or is corrupted on a client machine. This makes it impossible to properly install custom controls. The easiest solution is to import the attached registry keys to your machine. The attached archive contains two files - "32bit.reg" for x86 machines and "64bit.reg" for x64 machines. Nevertheless, this operation may not solve the problem.

                                  If after exporting registry keys, you still have the same issue, another solution is to repair VS2010 SP1. This can be easily done by running the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 installer through the control panel (Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features). The installation should offer you an option to Reapply the service pack (see the attached screenshot). Just select this option and finish the setup. I hope that this information will be useful.

                                • Marvin Cook 06.13.2012

                                  Resetting the Toolbox and applying the Register change solved my problem. Windows 7-64Bit

                                • Valentin Badea 06.15.2012

                                  I agree with JORGE MALDONADO
                                  1. The new site with Support is worst, and you keep it in spite of almost not favorable user opinion. Now I cannot find anything in it.
                                  2. The Toolbox creator has been removed, in spite you could create a new one to repair all the registry settings... All worked fine with installers since this new version.

                                  Something is going wrong with DevExpress... (the better is the enemy of the good)

                                • Valentin Badea 06.15.2012

                                  The new design is dirty - orange with black :(. The former was beautiful.
                                  Minimalist = dumb. I know you want too keep closely with Microsoft, but I think you could do this in the good ways, not in the bad ones.

                                • Stan (DevExpress Support) 06.15.2012


                                  We are very glad that you have taken the time to share your opinion with us. Allow me now to address your concerns.
                                  1. The new site with Support is worst, and you keep it in spite of almost not favorable user opinion. Now I cannot find anything in it.
                                  I feel awful that you have been upset by the new release. We are all creatures of habit, and I, for one, don't like changes to things that already work well. And yet technology is never final, and that is something that pushes us to create and innovate on a daily basis. Of course our new Support Center has its pros and cons. The primary goal of this technology is to give clear and precise solution to each question. The idea is to discuss all possible aspects of a particular question using comments so that the original question and the answer take precedence over the discussion. When the task is clear, the original question and the answer to it are updated accordingly. And the noise of comments becomes less relevant. This approach, IMHO is a really powerful way to express technical information, because it will be easy to find and understand solution to a particular problem.
                                  Although the Support Center does not operate as described above currently, I am excited to see it in action after it is fine tuned. As more and more functions of this new release become functional, the more advantages you personally will have. The more this system works, the more advantages our customers should receive. I don't doubt that once you utilize our tools, you will be hooked for life. We really do appreciate your patience as we work to bring you the best of what this technology can offer.
                                  2. The Toolbox creator has been removed, in spite you could create a new one to repair all the registry settings... <<
                                  The ToolboxCreator was used to register items in an old manner. You seem to be one of the few happy clients for whom this approach worked correctly in VS2010. Believe me, we received many complaints about this approach (see ToolboxCreator does not work) and some of them were not resolvable. The latest approach is a native way VS2010 toolbox registration works. According to our research this approach has only a single problem that is related to a bug in the RIA Services installation ( This bug can be easily avoided, as described in the above mentioned thread.

                                  Valentin, I would like to note that this thread describes how to completely resend the toolbox. It is not directly related to toolbox problems. We have a couple of additional Knowledge Base articles that discuss the later:

                                  1. How to resolve issues with Toolbox items (Applies to versions prior to 12.1)
                                  2. How to resolve issues with Toolbox items

                                  I hope this information is helpful. And make sure to write to me whenever you have questions or comments. I am here to assist you!

                                • Sam Natarajan 06.19.2012


                                  If you are aware of the issue that causes the toolbox installation to fail, mainly the absence of a registry key, then your installation procedure should check for this key and create it if needed.

                                • Stan (DevExpress Support) 06.19.2012


                                  I agree with you. I will discuss this feature with our developers.

                                • Mario Dominguez 1 06.21.2012

                                  Dont know how it was before but so far I am NOT happy . I had the same problem. Doesnt make sense that the toolbox showed the controls fine with the Demo version but not the purchased version annd to expect a customer to fix it by following the instructions posted here is nuts. One reason I did not buy from Infragistics was because of the same problem when installing the demo and now here I am back to the same issue. BAD very BAD guys

                                • Stan (DevExpress Support) 06.22.2012

                                  Hi Mario,

                                  I'm going to help you solve the problem you are currently experiencing. I see that you have recently created a separate ticket about this problem (InstallationProblem). I will answer your questions shortly.

                                • Athanasios Chatzis 06.27.2012

                                  I am not happy either !!! Toolbox creator is missing, and there is no alternative. I have spend hours moving from the one post to the other after I opened a trouble ticket trying to find a solution with no result. I do not believe that this is a policy from a serious and reliable company like DevExpress. I think that DevExpress must find the cause and then to publish a release solving this issue permanent as soon as possible!!!

                                • Serge (DevExpress Support) 06.27.2012

                                  Hi Athanasios: As Stan mentioned in previous comments, the new DXperience v12.1 utilizes the VS2010 native toolbox registration mechanism and therefore there is no need to use the former ToolboxCreator tool. The recently published KB article (How to resolve issues with Toolbox items) contains detailed description on how to resolve these items and these steps do help in most scenarios. I recommend you follow the suggested route.

                                  We are also considering improving the DXperience installer to help you detect potential problems at the installation stage and suggest immediate solutions. We hear your feedback and we look forward to making the installation process easier.

                                • Chuck Giddens 11.19.2012

                                  How the heck is this better! Before I just ran your little program and now I am forced to remove 100's of registry entries. This is a CONSTANT problem and you made it harder. I might roll back to 11 just so I dont have to deal with this crap.

                                • Stan (DevExpress Support) 11.20.2012

                                  Hi Chuck,

                                  I am concerned to hear that you are experiencing such a weird problem with our toolbox items and I am ready to assist you with this topic. Generally, you do not need to modify the registry manually and I believe that we can find a solution to this issue. Chuck, would you please follow the steps described in the How to resolve issues with Toolbox items KB article and provide us with resulting log files? Please also create a new ticket and besides the log files, describe the problem you are currently experiencing in all possible details.

                                  As for your decision to change the toolbox registration mechanism, as I described in one of my previous messages, this decision was made because of a lot of different issues related to the old approach. With the old way of registering items, we were not able to clearly diagnose the problem. The new approach uses the native registration mechanism provided by the Visual Studio.


                                • Mohammed Asif 1 03.21.2013

                                  Had the ame issue. Repaired intallation and that resolved the issue. May be an alternate to manually editing registry

                                • Rogerio Picilli 04.13.2013

                                  Ok. I begin to ask myself if I really have done a good choice. I've bouth this product about 7 months ago and up to now I'm not able to use it. I have the same problem with toolbox and worst, in my case no matter what I've done, I do not get the components into the toolbox.
                                  I'm just following a example from you guys "Use XtraReports in Silverlight" at "" and when I try to use the Print Preview component, (I need to change from Project.Web to Project Silverlight) when I do that, all the components went out from the toolbar.

                                  Could you guys help me with that?

                                • Alex Skorkin (DevExpress Support) 04.15.2013

                                  Hi Rogerio,

                                  I've extracted your inquiry to a new support ticket: Q373635. Please refer to that ticket for further discussion.

                                • Neolisk 08.16.2013

                                  This worked for me -> "Above all, reset the Toolbox from Visual Studio", no more steps were needed.

                                • Ahmad Ali 7 02.10.2014

                                  thank you very much (Y) (Y)

                                • vamsi rays 07.23.2014

                                  thank you very much.. my problem solved