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                                  • Much like in normal XtraPivotGrid...
                                    Large ASPxPivotGrid is difficut to use as row and column areas scroll out of the view easily.

                                • Ivan N (DevExpress) 06.03.2007

                                  We have implemented paging in the ASPxPivotGrid. You will always have as much rows as you want on the screen.

                                • Evgeniy Meyke 06.03.2007

                                  Paging is great!
                                  Although i think i would need something more like "scrolling". Which would mean that there are scroll bars that allow you to scroll through data area but having row and column areas always in sight (Same as in ASPxGrid)

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                                Additional information:

                                Starting with v14.2, the ASPxPivotGrid control supports a Virtual Scrolling feature that allows you to replace the built-in pager by a scrollbar and load required data dynamically. To enable vertical or horizontal virtual scrolling, set the PivotGridWebOptionsView.VerticalScrollingMode and PivotGridWebOptionsView.HorizontalScrollingMode properties to Virtual, respectively. To enable vertical/horizontal scrolling, set the PivotGridWebOptionsView.VerticalScrollBarMode and PivotGridWebOptionsView.HorizontalScrollBarMode properties to Auto or Visible.

                                In ASPxPivotGrid version 10.1, the horizontal scroll bar feature was implemented. This feature can be applied via the PivotGridWebOptionsView.ShowHorizontalScrollBar property. Please refer to the Horizontal Scroll Bar demo page.

                                • Ivan N (DevExpress) 06.06.2010

                                  We've discussed the vertical scrollbar feature once again and found out that this feature is redundant: vertical scrolling is performed using the Pager control. The Pager allows providing a much smaller web page than a vertical scrollbar does. It is important because of a big page download, which works much slower. Considering this constraints we're not going to implement a vertical scrollbar.

                                • Stephen Grey 02.27.2013

                                  Although I agree that it creates a 'big page download' - by using a vertical paging mechanism - the user interaction changes significantly and can cause partial results to be displayed with an arbitrary page size. I would like to see a true vertical scroll bar in te ASPxPivotGrid control.

                                • Constant (DevExpress Support) 02.27.2013

                                  Thank you for sharing your opinion with us. We agree that in some cases it makes sense to use the vertical scrolling functionality. We will consider implementing such a functionality in the future, but at present we do not have this feature in our TO-DO list.