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                                  • Another vista request. Can you make a dropdown/directory textbox. Like in Windows Explorer, it would be very desirable to be able to stream line directry navigation within a textbox/dropdown region.

                                    It is desirable to allow text and dropdown editing - please see Vista for a sample.

                                    Proposed Solution:

                                    Make a hybrid control which combines the dropdown and text box functionality.. But one difference - allow us to be able to use it in Directory Mode or User-Define mode. Since developer's would also like to use this for custom directories they may want to control access too.

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                                Additional information:

                                We have introduced the new BreadCrumbControl in our Editors Suite. It will be avaliable with the 14.1 major update.

                                • Daniel Seth1 05.16.2014

                                  At last ;-) Thank you very much :-)

                                • Stefan Muelhens 05.16.2014

                                  That's great - thank you very much!

                                This means that we need to purchase a VCL suite to get the control?. I think that .NET developers are a lot and this control is essential and present and another third part components as IG. Currently I need to use IG components to use this feature in a modern view, but is not the case because this requires has two licenses in two companies, the idea is be married with only one.

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                                • Stefan Muelhens 10.24.2012

                                  I would like to emphasize this: we really need such a control in WinForms. And I will not buy/include an additional components collection in our projects, we - of course - prefer DevExpress ;-)

                                • CESAR F. QüEB 10.24.2012

                                  Agree with Stefan. +1

                                • Gosha (DevExpress Support) 10.24.2012

                                  We agree with you that it is a good idea to have this control in our WinForms Suite. To make a decision to implement a control, we take into account different factors, for example, marketing research, requests of this control by our customers, complexity of its implementation. Based on these factors, we do not have immediate plans to release this control. This is not to say that we will not implement it in the future.

                                • Stefan Muelhens 10.24.2012

                                  One additional argument:
                                  This control can be very helpful to navigate in every hierarchical data (which is e.g. presented in a XtraTree).

                                • Régis LEPELLETIER 10.25.2012

                                  I'm agree with S. Muelhens, I think that this control should be implemented in WinForms Suite. Many people are searching this template in development.

                                • Gaston Loos 10.29.2012

                                  I would like to support Stefan's idea. This component is about hierarchical data browsing, not only folders. It is a pitty that DevExpress is not picking up the glove here.

                                • Neven 11.13.2012

                                  I agree with others, this control is needed ASAP.

                                • Brian Maxim 12.05.2012

                                  Breadcrumb navigation is very useful and I know a lot of our software competitors use this method, and a lot of DX's competitors have this in their toolkits. It is overdue a WinForms incarnation.


                                Thank you for the request. We'll research this feature and consider implementing the mentioned feature regarding future updates of the XtraEditors Library.


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                                • Uriah (DevExpress Support) 12.20.2010

                                  Update: In addition to the Breadcrumb navigation control, the XtraForm descendant should be also provided. This Form should contain the Breadcrumb control, navigation buttons, and support "glass" effect for Windows Vista and higher.

                                • Michael Keizer 10.20.2012


                                  The origin request is 6 years old and the last reaction of DevExpress is 2 years old. Is there still a chance for this tool (for WinForms), which so many people would like to have implemented?

                                • CESAR F. QüEB 10.20.2012

                                  yeah.. this component is necessary. Same with a control to choose files or folders, the request comes to front because all your application is using skins or themes and the intrinsic control for do this does not apply skins or has not support.

                                • Gosha (DevExpress Support) 10.24.2012

                                  Thank you for your feedback. We are not planning to release such a control in our WinForms library in the near future. However, our VCL library provides it. See the Sneak peek: VCL Breadcrumb editor (coming in v2011 vol. 2) article regarding this control in VCL.

                                • Jörg Boekhoff 04.14.2013

                                  Would like to have one, too!

                                • Uwe Keim 01.26.2014

                                  I second the need for such a control.

                                • Heiko Mueller 03.05.2014

                                  Is there any chance to have this control in the near future?

                                • Uwe Keim 03.05.2014

                                  @Heiko, I strongly doubt.

                                • Stefan Muelhens 03.05.2014

                                  It is (still) strongly required in the scope of our application(s)