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                                  • In v19.1, we added the wordWrap and textOverflow options to enable word-wrap in the Title and Chart axis, PieChart, Funnel, and TreeMap labels.
                                    These options are similar to the CSS word-wrap and text-overflow properties. Refer to the documentation for more information.

                                    Previously, long titles and subtitles were truncated with an ellipsis. From v19.1, they are rendered as multi-line texts.
                                    Long labels of the horizontal chart axes can be rotated or hidden if they overlap, based on the overlappingBehavior option. If the label is wider than the distance between two ticks, it is wrapped to the next line. Note that the wordWrap and textOverflow options for axis labels are ignored if the overlappingBehavior option is set to rotate.

                                    The following diagrams show how the Chart renders the long title and argument axis labels:

                                    We deprecated the TreeMap's resolveLabelOverflow option in favor of the new textOverflow option.

                                    To disable this new behavior, set wordWrap option to none for the corresponding elements.

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