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                                  • We introduced .NET Desktop controls now automatically detect potentially unsafe data types and block their deserialization in v19.1 to enhance the deserialization mechanism's security.

                                    As part of this security enhancement, we also changed the (de)serialization behavior of the following settings:
                                    - Tag property (for multiple controls)
                                    - Data Grid's sort and group configuration (ColumnView.SortInfo), and MRU filters (ColumnView.MRUFilters).

                                    De(serialization) of the ColumnView.SortInfo and ColumnView.MRUFilters properties
                                    In previous versions, these properties were (de)serialized in a binary format which is considered unsafe. Starting with v19.1, these properties are (de)serialized in text format.
                                    In the new version, controls can load sort and group settings saved in binary format. However, when you save a control's sort and group settings, they are now serialized in text format.
                                    The MRU filter history saved in binary format cannot be restored after an upgrade to v19.1 - these settings are now (de)serialized in text format.

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