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                                  • For security reasons, we now use a safety mechanism for all deserialization operations. An exception is thrown if a DevExpress control attempts to load an unsafe type.

                                    Deserialize trusted types
                                    Carefully review all unsafe type exceptions. If you trust a certain type, use the following code to enable deserialization.


                                    Call the following method to trust all types from a specific assembly:

                                    DevExpress.Utils.DeserializationSettings.RegisterTrustedAssembly("CustomAssembly, Version=x.x.x.x, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"); DevExpress.Utils.DeserializationSettings.RegisterTrustedAssembly(typeof(CustomClass).Assembly);
                                    DevExpress.Utils.DeserializationSettings.RegisterTrustedAssembly("CustomAssembly, Version=x.x.x.x, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx") DevExpress.Utils.DeserializationSettings.RegisterTrustedAssembly(GetType(CustomClass).Assembly)

                                    Trust a part of your code
                                    If you trust a data source that raises a security exception, you can turn off safe deserialization for a part of your code:

                                    DevExpress.Utils.DeserializationSettings.InvokeTrusted(()=>{ // Trusted deserialization. // gridView1.RestoreLayoutFromXml(fileName); });
                                    DevExpress.Utils.DeserializationSettings.InvokeTrusted( Sub() ' Trusted deserialization. ' GridView1.RestoreLayoutFromXml(fileName) End Sub )

                                    See also:
                                    Visual Controls now (de)serialize their Tag property only if this property contains data of a primitive type, string, decimal, DateTime, TimeSpan or Guid
                                    The sort, group and MRU filter configuration is now (de)serialized in text format. The MRU filter history, if saved in previous versions, cannot be deserialized.

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