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                                  • ExpressLayout is perfect for small edit form like, simple edit controls (name, address, password...). But, under the real life, Edit form uses some other control like TdxPageControl. And as you known, ExpressLayout control for VCL doesn't integrate it.
                                    Please, could you add this request on your wish list for next version...
                                    Thank you.

                                • Vlad Filyakov (DevExpress) 01.11.2006

                                  Right now the only solutuon is to put page control on a layout control and add layout controls on each tab sheet of this page control.
                                  Can you attach/send a screenshot of what you do with layout control? It would be helpful for the future development of the ExpressLayoutControl.

                                • Laurent PIERRE 01.11.2006

                                  It's what I made. I've put layout control on each tab of my page control and my page control is on the "main" layout control of my form. I provide you a screenshot of my application. As you could see, the upper side ("Order information" group) is on my main layout control with Page control too. And on each tab of my Page control, I've putsome other layout control.
                                  This solution is not perfect because at runtime, I cannot provide to my users, the magic customization function and let them the choice which field they want to get...
                                  If I've bought ExpressLayout control, it was too to offer this feature to my users...
                                  PS: What I've seen on your DevExpress web site is a "Coming Soon" XtraLayoutControl that includes all this feature.
                                  Thank you

                                • Vlad Filyakov (DevExpress) 01.12.2006

                                  Thank you for information you have provided to us.

                                • Alex M (DevExpress) 10.23.2009

                                  Now, users can associate layout elements with individual tabs, as in a tab control. Clicking a tab displays a corresponding layout element within the tabbed group. To switch a layout group into a tabbed group, set the group's LayoutDirection property to ldTabbed. To programmatically activate a certain tab, use a tabbed group's ItemIndex property.

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