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                                  • Users love docked panels, it gives them quick and short information and are easy to move around so it never gets in their way. However, adding functionnality to them is always a problem, since it implies sacrifying the small amount of space we normally present. The panel area is supposed to hold as few things as possible to keep the user confortable with it.
                                    Before the apparition of the dock panels in the suite, there were the BarDockWindow class. This class had a wonderful menu button to which you could attach your own menu. Dock Panels, unlike it's predecessor, has it's own dock manager (no more bar manager!). The menu button then dissapeared...
                                    Proposed Solution:
                                    I think it would be great if we could still attach a popup menu to the dock panels, or even better, if we could add a custom button in which we could popup / do anything we want. The button being in the caption rectangle, it won't take any space in the panel. That would be just fine for added and repeated functionnalities. :)

                                • Dmitry G (DevExpress) 05.18.2012

                                  With v12.1 we have added the DockPanel.CustomHeaderButtons property. This property provides access to a custom header button collection displayed in dockpanel header. Custom header buttons are CustomHeaderButton objects that provide a number of settings that specify the button's glyph, caption etc. Use the DockPanel.CustomButtonClick event to embed a functionality for a custom header button. The event provides a Button parameter that can be used to identify the currently clicked button.

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