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                                  • The background image of the parent borderless PanelControl does not get inherited by the WizardControl's top and bottom panels. Additionally, when one can normally not assign a background color or image to a PanelControl with borders (as this gets handled by the current skin), when a WizardControl is a child to a PanelControl, it ignores the skin in the to and bottom panels and inherits the PanelControl's background color and NOT the background image.
                                    You can run the modified project attached to see this. This looks like a bug to me.

                                • Ted (DevExpress Support) 11.24.2011

                                  Hi Elan,
                                  As you already know from the Q355460 (When PanelControl BorderStyle is set to NoBorder, its BackColor does not take the BackColor of the applied skin) ticket, we have reproduced this issue. I'll forward this issue to our developers for them to investigate it.
                                  As a workaround, I suggest you create a WizardControl descendant and override its BackColor property using the following code:

                                  public class CustomWizardControl : WizardControl { public override Color BackColor { get { return Color.Transparent; } set { } } }


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