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                                Hi Mark,

                                By design, our DateEdit doesn't utilize the time portion of its edit value in this configuration. This is because time doesn't make sense if only the date is displayed/input. If you think this behavior is wrong, please explain your scenario in every detail. In particular, we need to know why you need the time portion of the EditValue, if you've set the editor's mask to "d".


                                P.S. By the way, it seems you're using an older build of our components (according to the report's Build field). Please visit our version info page, to learn about the most recent versions of our products, and obtain instructions on how to update them.


                                Dear Serge,

                                I invite you to completly re-read this thread and come back to me again.

                                The behavior am expecting is exactly TO NOT HAVE THE HOUR AND MINUTE PORTION OF INFORMATION WHEN I SET THE MASK to "d".

                                If you run the sample code attached you will realize that even though the mask has been set to "d" the label still gets the hour of when the calendar was clicked.



                                Hello Mark,

                                I apologize for this situation. I was sure that you want to see a 0:00 value in the time part. By default, you can't remove the time part from the DateTime value. So, when you choose a day from the calendar, the time part will be assigned, in any case. If you want to get only the date from your property, use the Date property:

                                label1.Content = vm.DateProperty.Date;

                                The DateTime class is the standard one, and doesn't provide a way to remove the time information.

                                Thank you, Marina


                                Thanks Marica

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