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                                  • We have a GridView nested within a PageControl. Both the PageControl and the GridView have their width set to Unit.Percent(100) so that they take up the entire width of the browser window. We have found that if we turn on the vertical scroll bar for the GridView, the grid will no longer resize correctly.

                                    When the browser window is widened, the grid will expand out to take up the extra width. But when the browser window is made more narrow, the grid does not back shrink down to 100% of the browser width. This problem only occurs when the GridView is within a PageControl and has its vertical scroll bar turned on.

                                    I have attached a sample project which I hope illustrates this problem clearly enough.

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                                • Hello Geoff,

                                  Thank you for your project. We need time to research the issue. We will keep you informed of our progress.

                                  Best regards,

                                • Kate T (DevExpress Support) 11.11.2011

                                  Hello Geoff:

                                  When VerticalScrollBar is enabled, the grid calculates its size on the client. I suggest that you set a fixed height for the control in its client-side Init event handler according to the following example:

                                  How to use the ASPxGridView control (with the enabled vertical scrollbar) in a Full Screen mode (100% browser Width and Height)

                                  I have modified your project according to this suggestion and attached it.


                                • Geoff Hardy 11.14.2011

                                  Hi Kate,

                                  Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I am not sure how your suggestion helps with this problem. The project that you sent still has the original problem, rather than fixing it. I will try to clarify what the problem is a little more.

                                  Usually when any DevExpress control has its width set to 100%, it will take up the entire width of the browser. When the browser width is increased, the width of the controls increase to fill up the space. When the browser width is decreased, the width of the control is decreased.

                                  This generally works well except in the case where the GridView is nested inside a PageControl and the GridView has the ShowVerticalScrollBar property set to true. When the browser width is increased, the width of the controls increase to fill up the space as expected. However, when the browser width is decreased, the width of the GridView does not decrease.

                                  This seems like a bug in the control as it behaves unexpectedly when the grid view is nested inside the PageControl with ShowVerticalScrollBar set to true.



                                • Hello Geoff,

                                  Thank you for your response. We will review this scenario and take into account the additional information you specified.
                                  If you have any additional information, which may be helpful to us (for example, screenshots with steps to reproduce, browser-specific information, etc.), please post it here.
                                  We appreciate your patience while we are working on finding a solution to your inquiry.


                                • Hello Geoff,

                                  Thank you for your patience. I have reproduced this issue and forwarded this bug report to our developers for further processing.
                                  This behavior is specific to the PageControl lite render mode.


                                • Hello Geoff,

                                  Thank you for your patience. We have researched this behavior and found out that there is no proper way to overcome this issue.
                                  A table with a fixed layout that resides inside a PageControl's TabPage does not allow for the collapsing of a lightweight PageControl.
                                  As a workaround, utilize the following solution: switch the MVC PageControl Extension to a Classic rendering mode:

                                  settingsWithScrollBar.PreRender = (sender, e) => { ASPxPageControl pc = (ASPxPageControl)sender; pc.RenderMode = ControlRenderMode.Classic; };


                                • Geoff Hardy 11.21.2011

                                  Hi Mike,

                                  Thanks for the workaround. It worked for a PageControl with a single GridView on it. However, when I tried it in our real world application, the fix did not work for me. I tracked it down to the fact that our application has two GridViews on the tab page rather than one. In this case, the workaround does not work.

                                  I have attached a sample project showing this problem. Any suggestions?



                                • Hello Geoff,

                                  Thank you for your feedback. I have reproduced this issue.
                                  We will inform you as soon as any results are available.


                                • Geoff,

                                  At present, please use the following workaround:
                                  1) Switch PageControl back to a lightweight mode;
                                  2) Wrap all scrollable grids via the <div> container;
                                  3) Handle the "resize" event of the browser you are using;
                                  4) Resize PageControl programmatically.

                                  I have modified the sample project you provided. Please refer to the attachment.


                                • Geoff Hardy 03.19.2012

                                  Thanks for the workaround suggestion - unfortunately it is not very convenient to have to do this.

                                  Do you know if this bug is going to be fixed any time soon?

                                • Hello Geoff,

                                  Thank you for your attention. We have investigated this situation and found out that it is caused by specifics of a light-weight PageControl:
                                  When there is a table with a fixed layout (GridView with enabled scrollbars) inside TabPage, the table's dimensions are calculated in pixels on the client side. The light-weight PageControl does not allow automatically adjusting such table elements inside it.
                                  As a workaround, we suggest that you use the approach we suggested earlier and calculate the table's dimensions manually.


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