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                                  • I'm massively using the code just like shown below in many areas. :
                                    private decimal CalcTotalScore()
                                          decimal flScoreTemp = 0;
                                          flScoreTemp += spinScore1.Number;
                                          flScoreTemp += spinScore2.Number;
                                          flScoreTemp += spinScore3.Number;
                                          flScoreTemp += spinScore4.Number;
                                          return flScoreTemp
                                    But unfortunately AspxSpinEdit default value always shows -79228162514264337593543950335 as default. It forces me to surround all the code with
                                    ( (spinScore1.Number == decimal.MinValue) ? 0 : spinScore1.Number)
                                    ( (spinScore1.Value == null) ? 0 : spinScore1.Number)
                                    which is very annoying and not natural. Is there anyway to set default value to 0 so that the flow of program will look very natural?

                                • Jenny (DevExpress Support) 07.12.2011

                                  Hello Rahmat,
                                  Thank you for contacting us.
                                  It is possible to specify an initial value for ASPxSpinEdit via the ASPxSpinEdit.Number property, for example, in the markup.

                                  <dx:ASPxSpinEdit ID="mySpinEdit" runat="server" Height="21px" Number="0" > </dx:ASPxSpinEdit>

                                  In this case, ASPxSpinEdit.Number will return 0 unless an end-user changes this value.
                                  Please let me know whether or not you find this hint helpful. If you need any further assistance with this subject, please feel free to reactivate this ticket.

                                • Dharmesh 10.21.2019

                                  I am still having the same issue in

                                • Lanette (DevExpress Support) 10.21.2019


                                  The behavior Jenny described in the previous comment is expected. We recommend you set ASPxSpinEdit's initial Number property value to 0 explicitly unless an end user changes this value. Would you please clarify if this recommendation doesn't help in your scenario?

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