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                                  • When I set the editortype of a listview to PivotGridEditor this gets saved to the model. When I subsequently change/create the Pivotgridsettings the model refuses to save. When the model editor is closed it asks wether or not the changes should be saved, when confirmed the model editor closes but the changes are not saved.


                                    Steps to Reproduce:

                                    1. Add a PivotGrid module to the XAF application.

                                    2. Rebuild the application and open Model Editor.

                                    3. Change the EditorType of a particular ListView to a PivotGrid list editor.

                                    4. Open PivotGrid designer via the PivotSettings.Settings field and change something in it.

                                    5. Close designer, save changes, close Model Ediotor - the save confirmation dialog will be shown, and when the Model Editor is opened next time, pivot settings are lost.

                                • Defacto Software 03.22.2011

                                  See B198167 for a project that has this problem


                                • Hello Martin,

                                  Thank you for your report. I have reproduced the problem. We are working on it, and will provide you a solution ASAP.


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                                Hello Martin,

                                I am happy to tell you that the issue will be fixed in the next update. Currently, to work around the problem, change any other property in the Model Editor after changing pivot settings, and then save the changes.


                                • John Cory 06.28.2017

                                  I am currently having the same issue in 16.2.7  and the workaround, unsurprisingly, did not work for me. I'm sure you guys already patched this issue but was wondering if there have been any other incidents and if so have there been any other fixes.

                                  Thanks Again!
                                • The issue you have encountered is unlikely related to this one. I have created a separate ticket to discuss it: Pivot Grid settings specified in the Model Editor are not saved. I am researching the issue and will answer you there soon.

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