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                                  • We're using LinqServerModeDataSource in our project. When we use IList<> as data-source, everything work's fine, even grouping.
                                    A problem occures, when we try to obtain data from our database with Linq2NHibernate. We can sort, filter, but an exception is raised on grouping by any column.
                                    We've analyzed the criterion and expression, and we've found an unknown ".Key" field in our IQuery. We're almost sure, that this part of the IQuery was generated by the AspxGridView.
                                    {value(NHibernate.Linq.Query`1[NHibernate.Linq.Test.Person]).OrderBy( => .FirstName).ThenBy( => .Id).GroupBy( => .FirstName).OrderBy( => .Key).Select( => new [] {Convert(.Key), Convert(.Count())})}
                                    Steps to Reproduce:
                                    Example supplied, path to the embedded db must be canged inside web.config. File should be also accessible on the NTFS.
                                    Please make attention on that ".Key" parameter.
                                    Expected Results:
                                    A working group by.

                                • Nick (DevExpress Support) 12.03.2009

                                  Hello Michal,
                                  You are right; it's the ASPxGridView that generates this query. The query is correct when passed to LINQ2Objects or LINQ2SQL. The fact that NHibernate cannot handle it indicates the problem is with the LINQ2NHibernate provider. Please report this issue to NHibernate.
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