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                                  • The Unit Test Runner does not appear to be recognizing the newer NUnit 2.5 TestCase attribute. According to the NUnit spec the following test is valid:
                                    public int AddSomeNumbers(int num1, int num2)
                                        return num1 + num2;
                                    The above test should generate 3 separate tests runs within the NUnit framework, and all three should pass. Currently this method is not recognized by the Unit Test Runner as a test method, and is ignored.
                                    Steps to Reproduce:
                                    Run the test above using NUnit 2.5 (I'm running 2.5.2)
                                    Actual Results:
                                    Method is ignored
                                    Expected Results:
                                    3 Test execution runs and 3 separate results.

                                • Vito (DevExpress Support) 12.01.2009

                                  Hi Casey,
                                  Thank you for the report, and for the detailed description of the problem.
                                  We've already been informed about this problem. Please check this post:
                                  CodeRush Unit Test Runner and [TestCase] in NUnit 2.5.x
                                  Our developers have already made necessary changes, and they will be included into the next product version (v9.3.2).

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