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                                  • I have a bound tree list. After I call Dataset.Edit, I change a column's value in the tree list, the changes doesn't apply. This problem doesn't happen in version 4

                                    Steps to Reproduce:

                                    1. Extract the attached sample zip file.

                                    2. Compile and run with Quantum TreeList version 5

                                    3. Please note the data source's AutoEdit has set to false at design time to prevent user directly change value in the tree list

                                    4. Focus any row in the tree list

                                    5. Press Edit Button and change the Amount column of focused row to "1234", then press Enter.

                                    If the DataSource's AutoEdit is set to True, and we direct enter the value in the tree list column, it works fine. However, if we call Dataset.Edit (please notice that indicator doesn't change to edit mode) first and change the column value, the changes also doesn't get apply.

                                    Actual Results:

                                    1. The state of indicator doesn't change to edit mode

                                    2. The value of "1234" doesn't apply and it revert back to "0"

                                    Expected Results:

                                    1. State of indicator should change edit mode when dataset is in edit state

                                    2. The vlaue of "1234" should apply after press Enter in Step 5.

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