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                                  • When I drop a new GridControl on my form, it has two columns by default. When I bind a data source to the grid (through the DataSource property, either set from code or bound to a resource entry) that has fields which are incompatible with the two default columns, the application throws an exception (null reference) shortly after startup. Even if AutoPopulateColumns is set to True, the exception is still thrown.
                                    If I remove the two default columns, everything works as expected.
                                    Actual Results:
                                    Exception is thrown.
                                    Expected Results:
                                    No exception :-)
                                    Obviously the grid can't show anything if the columns don't match the fields and AutoPopulateColumns is False. But under no circumstances should the grid throw an exception.

                                • Nick (DevExpress Support) 02.08.2009

                                  Hi Oliver,
                                  This issue has been recently fixed. Please update your components to the most recent version - v8.3.4.
                                  Check if Search Engine is able to answer questions faster than I do!

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