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                                  • After having installing the last version v.40 (the previous was v35 o v36) making my project build it gives the error in subject.

                                    The error is shown in the file "cxClasses.pas" 2016 row: "Result := dxShortStringToString(APropList[I].Name);"

                                    even if I "comment" the row with error, it gives me another error "undeclared identifier: 'dxCharInSet' ... etc.

                                    Attachament the message of error.



                                We've introduced a new common library - dxCore, and moved the dxShortStringToString function to it. So, it looks as if old sources are used in your project for some reason. Please do the following:

                                1) Uninstall our products.
                                2) Execute the following commands for every hard drive:

                                dir X:\cx* /s >c:\CXResult_X.txt
                                dir X:\dx* /s >c:\DXResult_X.txt
                                dir X:\dclcx* /s >c:\DCLCXResult_X.txt
                                dir X:\dcldx* /s >c:\DCLDXResult_X.txt

                                3) Check the resulting files and delete our sources and libraries, if they are found.

                                4) Install the latest version.

                                Please keep us informed about your progress.



                                It's all Ok, it was an old library "dxPack". I delete it and now it works fine.



                                It's Ok.

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