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                                  • The Viewstate doesn't seem to be preserving the state of the WebChartControl properly when it has mutiple panes.

                                    Steps to Reproduce:

                                    See attached project Default.aspx


                                Ignore the rpinting issue - that's sorted. It's just the Viewstate issue I'm reporting here.


                                Sorry: the above should say *printing* issue ...


                                Hi Anthony,

                                We've managed to fix this issue on our side. The fix will be available with our next minor release.

                                But you need to change your code. You should define the names for the panes and secondary axes created via constructor, as follows:

                                public XYDiagramPaneBase AddPane(string caption, bool isBigCaption)
                                       AxisYBase yaxis;
                                       XYDiagramPaneBase pane;

                                       if (!_isDefaultPaneInitialised)
                                           // add a dummy series
                                           chartMain.Series.Add(new Series("dummy", ViewType.Bar));

                                           yaxis = Diagram.AxisY;
                                           pane = Diagram.DefaultPane;

                                           _isDefaultPaneInitialised = true;
                                           yaxis = new SecondaryAxisY(caption);
                                           pane = new XYDiagramPane(caption);
                                           Diagram.SecondaryAxesY.Add(yaxis as SecondaryAxisY);
                                           Diagram.Panes.Add(pane as XYDiagramPane);

                                       InitialiseYAxis(yaxis, caption);

                                       if (!isBigCaption)

                                       return pane;



                                Thanks Andrew

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