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                                • To solve this problem, you can execute the following steps:
                                  1) Set the standard System.ComponentModel.DescriptionAttribute to the enum fields, whose caption you want to change.
                                  2) Implement a custom PropertyEditor, using the source code of the EnumPropertyEditor, used for displaying the enum type properties by default (\Program Files\Developer Express Inc\eXpressApp Framework v8.2\Sources\DevExpress.ExpressApp\DevExpress.ExpressApp.Win\Editors\EnumPropertyEditor.cs), and change the EnumImagesLoader class constructor, as shown in the following code:

                                  public EnumImagesLoader(Type enumType) { EnumDescriptor descriptor = new EnumDescriptor(enumType); imageCollection = new ImageCollection(); comboboxItems = new List<ImageComboBoxItem>(descriptor.Values.Length); foreach (object value in descriptor.Values) { ImageInfo imageInfo = descriptor.GetImageInfo(value); int imageIndex = -1; if (!imageInfo.IsEmpty) { imageCollection.AddImage(imageInfo.Image); if (imageCollection.Images.Count == 1) { imageCollection.ImageSize = imageInfo.Image.Size; } imageIndex = imageCollection.Images.Count - 1; } string caption = string.Empty; FieldInfo fInfo = enumType.GetField(value.ToString()); foreach (Attribute attr in Attribute.GetCustomAttributes(fInfo)) { if (attr.GetType() == typeof(DescriptionAttribute)) { caption = ((DescriptionAttribute)attr).Description; } } if (caption == "") { caption = fInfo.Name; } comboboxItems.Add(new ImageComboBoxItem(caption, GetEnumValue(value), imageIndex)); } }
                                  3) Use a newly implemented PropertyEditor as a default for the enum type properties.
                                  For additional information, please refer to the following help topic: Implement Custom Property Editors.
                                  I've also attached my sample project.


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                                Starting with version 12.2, use the XafDisplayName attribute to localize an enumeration value instead of the Description one supported in version 9.2.
                                See for more details.

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