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                                  • I have been trying to use the XpressLookUpEdit control in VB6 and can't seem to find a way of extracting the value selected in the control's dropdown lookup list. In various scenarios, I need to be able to extract the value in either column 0, column1 or column2, etc. How can this be done?

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                                By default, the dxLookUpEdit control does not provide methods or properties for obtaining the information in the other columns of the linked lookup data source. However, you may get the necessary fields' values directly from the recordset used to populate the lookup list. Note that the dxLookupEdit clones its lookup recordset and thus, the cursor of the recordset is not moved when you are navigating within the lookup list. The position is updated only when a new value is chosen from the list. You can obtain the new record's values at this stage (for example, within the editor's Change event handler). Use the dxLookUpEdit.EditValue property to obtain the selected lookup ID.